With its impressive make up, historical background and chock full of cultural information, Buddhist temples are among best examples to learn more about Asia, religion and local culture.
Consider donating to the temple, which is run on a thin budget, especially when you enjoyed your visit.
Don’t point your feet at any Buddhist (not just monks and nuns) while sitting as this gesture is also considered rude. Buddhists sweeping the temple stairs do their job to prevent someone stepping on insects more than just removing dirt and impurities.
Symbolically representing a whole, enter the Buddhist temple with your left foot first and exit by leading with your right foot. It is best to visit a Buddhist temple early in the morning when the monks are just returning from their alms procession and temperature is relatively cooler than later in the day. American Buddhist Seminary (ABS) is a non-profit religious, educational and charitable organization registered in California with Federal Tax Exemption under section 501 (c) (3), 509 (a) (1) and 170 (b) (1) (A) (i) of the Internal Revenue Code.
When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Long Beach, CA (USA) -- The story of how a man named Johnny Rhondo, the self-titled grand master of the Church of the Revelation, came to hold the charter to Long Beach's oldest Cambodian Buddhist temple is a curious one. The Buddhist waton East 20th Street is the beloved, if dilapidated, nucleus for the nation's largest Cambodian community, co-founded by the late actor Haing S.
The sudden transfer of assets to an offshoot of Rhondo's church has split the Cambodian community, infuriated a Los Angeles Superior Court judge and even stirred anger among the monks, who devote their lives to avoiding such emotion. For months, two groups have warred over which was the rightful administrator of the temple, each side depicting the other as an interloper, partly along fault lines that have increasingly divided the community in Long Beach for years. The board members say the monks have been manipulated by a group of activists to rise up against them in a bid to get the temple's money. The temple at the center of the dispute, Wat Khmer Vipassanaram, was founded in 1985 by Khmer Rouge survivors in a depressed part of Long Beach across from a Cambodian refugee assistance center.

Run by the nonprofit Khmer Buddhist Assn., the complex is a series of old Spanish bungalows and converted apartments next to an auto body shop. The association was preparing to break ground on the new temple when the dispute broke out in December.
The monks' faction demanded an annual election of the board of directors as required by the temple's bylaws, which had been ignored for more than a decade.
Members of the board are close to the city establishment and are key promoters of the parade and Cambodia Town. The temple dispute landed in a Long Beach courtroom in February, and after an agreement by both sides, a judge appointed a receiver to take over the temple's assets until the issue was resolved. But when the receiver demanded that the president of the association, Siphann Tith, hand over the temple's books, Tith told him he didn't have them anymore.
Ramirez was named by authorities as a key player in a health insurance fraud scheme in Texas in 2002, but he was not charged with a crime and denies any wrongdoing. Although inventive, the argument proved unpersuasive to a federal judge, who sent the matter back to Di Loretto.
When Ramirez took the stand, Di Loretto took a quizzical approach, asking where he studied tax law (he hadn't) and if his church had an address. Conan the praying dog folds his paws in prayer alongside a Buddhist priest at Shuri-kannondo temple in Naha city, Okinawa province, Japan. The eighteen month old long haired chihuahua stands up in prayer when the temple priest performs his sutras.
Visitors are expected to see several of them especially on trips to Southeast Asian countries particularly Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia.
Since foreigners are often welcome in Buddhist temples, we set these guides as simple reminders of manners and etiquette to ensure nobody offends anyone. Without asking where to put them, a pile of shoes outside the edifice indicates where you can leave yours off.

Imagine places like libraries, which must maintain silence, Buddhist also needs to keep noise off to remain conducive for prayers. Just like turning mobile phones off and dressing properly, respect is also conveyed by removing your headphones, spitting out chewing gum, refrain from smoking and talking softly inside the Buddhist temple. While perfectly normal in the West, this gesture is considered rude around Buddhist temples. While this is certainly not expected from tourists, doing so means you researched more about Buddhist custom and went the extra mile. Six of the temple's seven monks have taken one side; the nine members of the board of directors, now locked out of the temple, are on the other. The so-called insurgents, including two of the temple's founders, depict the board as politically connected, opportunistic big shots who wrested control of the wat from the laypeople.
Key players in the temple dispute previously squared off over a Cambodian New Year parade and the proposed designation of Cambodia Town in central Long Beach. Activists behind the monks, including Paline Soth and Bryant Ben, argued that the Cambodia Town initiative was being run by outsiders with little input from the people who actually lived in the area. He said Soth and Ben represent the majority of local Cambodians, while the board represents a business elite trying to usurp power and money wherever it exists in the community. Tourists understandably wear light clothing in Southeast Asia where climate is humid and shorts can offer more comfort.
Should a woman extend food or donations to a monk, it must be passed to a man first then to a monk.
But respect should be on display, and some temples offer shawls or indoor slippers for visitors to use inside the temple.

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