CommercialFar from being a single activity, large scale construction is a feat of human multitasking in which we have a proven track record.
HeritageGood maintenance and repair of historic buildings is fundamental to their preservation, we follow proven materials and methods.
PublicFor the successful execution of public buildings, effective planning and clear consultation is essential. PrivateWhen we build your new home you can have confidence that the best people are behind every facet of the planning and construction.
InteriorsWe have extensive experience in all aspects of joinery requiring exacting craftsmanship. App Shopper: Inspirational quotes for daily motivation, self esteem and to build confidence.
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As a coach I often find that people see coaching as a process to focus on weaknesses and fix faults. During coaching conversation I sometimes find that coaching is seen as a process to fix or neutralise weaknesses.

By asking positive questions, a coach can influence the type of answers that they are given. On a final note, you may not have a coach to ask you these questions but it could be well worth investing the time to ask yourself these questions so that you can capture the positives of your achievements and maintain your own confidence and energy to tackle the next challenge that most certainly will lie ahead! What an excellent training tool this is, perfect if your dog is a little unconfident with things that move under his feet. I was so surprised to have it delivered so quickly, so well packaged and with the minimum of fuss. We will shortly be introducing folding jumps with UKA heights and they will be in russet and white. There is a list of this year's shows in our Diary so come along and say "Hello", we would love to see you.
Yet researchers have shown that understanding and leveraging strengths is one of the most powerful ways to build both confidence and performance. People can be less willing or comfortable talking about their strengths and what they already do well. It is difficult for the person to answer them without first talking about what really worked, what went well and how they made a valuable contribution to a project or task.

They can be used to great effect as part of a team meeting to ensure that the positive learning from the team is shared and built upon.
Well made, easily portable and the different wobble options allow your dog to progress slowly and confidently – love it!! If building confidence and a ‘can do’ attitude is one of your goals we have a series of positive questions that you can use as a manager or coach to get your people focussing on their strengths and what is already working well.
Yet extensive research (Zenger Folkman) has shown that understanding and leveraging our strengths can be one of the most powerful ways we can build better performance. This is an especially valuable approach when you recognise the need to build confidence, encourage a positive approach to the next task to be undertaken and in identifying whether the ‘Will’ to complete the action is truly present.
They build energy and a ‘can do’ attitude which is far more likely to result in strong performance.
If building confidence and ‘can do’ attitude is one of your goals we have a series of positive questions that you can use as a manager or coach to get your people focussing on their strengths and what is working well.

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