A recent article in Street Fight highlighted how the hotel industry is using feedback from review sites to invest in improvements in their establishments and offerings.
There are many differences between large chains and hyperlocal businesses, but this article highlights some excellent ideas that hyperlocals should strongly consider.
If you are in a service business – Contractors may not want to believe this, but they are in the service business in more ways than one!
If you have a business with significant local competition –  Online feedback is a great way to learn the sentiment of the local community. Note that the study doesn’t talk about how a 1-star increase in your reviews generates additional business, or tactics to get more reviews. Individual pages as indicated in the menu on the left will discuss the folowing topics; there are also links at those pages for further information. Stunning pictures have emerged of an abandoned railway line in the centre of Paris, which has been not been used for almost 80 years.

It was built in 1852 to connect the Gares of Paris, and became one of the world's first suburban transit systems. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Notably, in some cases, widespread changes were made in policy or offerings based on what people said on review sites.
If you are getting consistent feedback online, you can see if there are any patterns of behavior that you can use for coaching of your young staff. Not only are you offering a service to your customers, but customer service is critical – your customer certainly wants you to do a fantastic job, but they also want to think that they are being listened to and respected.
It’s simply a pragmatic use of taking what people are saying about you and putting it to good use within your business. A blog called Messy Messy Chic has taken a tour of the tracks of the Petite Ceinture (which translates to 'Little Belt') which are still accessible to the public.The photos show the railway has become a habitat for wild plants and flowers, and it provides an oasis of calm for many of the city's natives.

The most interesting nugget was that it wasn’t just the feedback of their own hotel that was acted upon, but reviews given to other hotels that were deemed helpful in making strategic growth decisions. I know too many contractors who do great work but struggle to get customers to say good things about them, and it’s a simple fix by improving interaction skills. There are many more than these three areas where online feedback can be put to get use, beyond the obvious benefit of having people talk about you online. Look for future blog posts, and, in the meantime, feel free to offer some more benefits in the comments.

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