You look at the pay and realize it’s 20-30% less than you make now, which would cause all sorts of self-inflicted financial hardships. We’re in rehab from a devastating recession and there are a ton of people searching that already have the job skills. I say this because sometimes I see applicants with ten years of other experience and they’re trying to make a transition.
The majority of older workers who change careers late in life are ultimately successful, according to a new report by the American Institute for Economic Research, known by its acronym, AIER. The jobless rate for adults 45 and older is the lowest among all age groups, but the picture is less bright for people who are the same age and are unemployed. Adams says the key to being successful is to realize many of the skills you have are transferable to other fields. The report identified 14 skills that older workers obtain from their lifetime of work that are transferable.
The hard part is convincing your new would-be employer that you can do the job and avoid the dread "We'll keep your resume on file" response. Someone who loves animals may choose to switch jobs to something that involves working with dogs. While you could begin your quest to change careers by simply browsing your newspaper help-wanted ads, it is a better idea to explore your passions.
Think outside the box; when you set out to change careers, you may feel under qualified for your chosen field.
Oct 20, 2014 by Kristi Dosh Leave a Comment Remember the days when you had to spend hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars registering for a conference and booking airfare in order to learn about the latest trends in your industry and network with like-minded professionals?
Thankfully there’s a better way to stay on top of your game, both educationally and socially. It varies depending on the particular chat, but there can be a wide range of participants from students interested in the subject all the way up to C-suite executives. Most chats have a dedicated Twitter account or a designated moderator who tweets out the questions for the chat. You may find you want to respond to someone else’s answer or ask them a follow-up question.
There are many great stories about people who got new jobs or new clients through Twitter, and quite a few of those started with connections made in Twitter chats. Heather Collart, now the Senior Director, Community Investment for the NBA’s Detroit Pistons, credits #sbchat (a sports business chat) for giving her a connection she would later leverage when she applied for a job with the Pistons. Collart would lean on that relationship after applying to the Pistons, an organization where she had no professional contacts. After Collart was offered the position, she learned from her boss that she likely wouldn’t have been interviewed if it hadn’t been for her connection with Stringer. Ross Barber credits music industry Twitter chat #ggchat with generating new business for his web design company, Electric Kiwi. Many of active Twitter chats, especially those hosted by professional organizations, rotate the moderator role and open it up to members and others in the industry to lead a chat. Related:Can I change my stream from science to commerce after 12th?What should I opt after 10th - Science or Commerce? So, i will suggest you not to waste 2 years and continue with commerce, since it has too much scope.
Well let it be whatever happen, now there is only one way to get enroll in science stream is to pursue science stream from other board and definitely it will make your 2 year drop.As you also want science stream from 12th standard on wards so I like to tell you that science stream is not too easy it is quite too much tough and after completing 12th in science stream there is no course in which you can get enroll without giving entrance exam and to qualify entrance exam you will need to study 11th standard syllabus too so now it is clear that if you wabt to pursue science stream then you have to start it from 11th satndard on-wards.
There are many career options after completing commerce in 12th, may be you are not aware of various course that a commerce contain.If it is so then no worries here I am mentioning list of all commerce courses that you can pursue after completing 12th standard. So there are lot of courses that you can pursue, this is the time to analyze your interest.
4.Bachelor of computer applications(BCA) if you have completed your 12th with commerce plus mathematics. The only thing you can do is first completing your 12th with Commerce and then again doing 12th with Science.

So don't be disappointed just complete your 12th with full devotion and you will be successful. No it will not be possible for you to change your stream from Commerce to Science for taking Admission in Graduation courses after completing your 10+2 with science stream.
But apart from these there are various vocational courses in which you will able to take admission if you do not have science stream in class 10+2. As there are various jobs opportunities based on your qualification then why you are going to change you stream. One of the greatest weapon in your hand is that you can go for doing CA(CHARTED ACCOUNTANT COURSE) after passing 10+2 with commerce. If you will complete your grdauation from commerce stream then you will also eligible for taking admission in MBA course.
So do not try to do this and try to finalise your destination and then select any final course that you want to do. Why would a hiring manager pick you, the person who doesn’t have the experience, over the person that has a great personality AND the experience to do the job today? I currently work at a cable network and have been for the last 7 years and am looking to switch to the music industry.
On average, it takes unemployed adults in that category about a year to find a job, longer than any other age group.
Among the most desirable are computer proficiency, problem-solving, bilingual ability, interpersonal skills, reading comprehension, customer service, mentoring, client management and social media skills. After making the case in your cover letter that your abilities will transfer, Adams says drive home the point that you're looking for a change and will have no problem adjusting to a new career with different duties. For others, however, the prospect of starting a second career is exciting and invigorating.
Most career experts agree that career changes are most successful when people pursue their passions. For some career paths, this might mean going back to college or attending for the first time. If your prospective employer is pouring over hundreds of resumes, you won’t get the job with a boring, run-of-the-mill resume. A Twitter chat is a planned event with a set day and time and identified by a specific hashtag (such as #AIAchat for the American Institute of Architects monthly chat). Most commonly, the moderator throws out questions at regular intervals to facilitate discussion.
Collart was working in athletics at Pepperdine University when she noticed Peter Stringer, the Senior Director of Digital Media for the Boston Celtics, in #sbchat one week.
Based on her interactions with Stringer via social media, phone and email, he felt comfortable sending Collart’s resume to someone he knew at the Pistons.
She was applying from out of state which raised concerns that she might be unwilling to relocate. He’s already completed a project with Solveig & Stevie, who he connected with during the chat, and is working on new websites for The Dutch Guy On Air, The Baseline Group, and the host of the chat, Go Girls Music. Not only does the #ggchat encourage participants to share what they do within the music industry, giving him ample opportunity to promote his business, he was also asked to be a guest speaker of sorts one week and chat more specifically about his work. We spend a bit of quality time with fellow introverts, celebrate our freedom to leave whenever we want, and can have meaningful conversations as well as a laugh.
But why would we hire someone with a ton of experience in this other area when we just need basic experience in this area? I’ve recently hired a financial advisor to help develop a plan to pay down my debt and am applying to get my Masters in Music Business. The majority of people I know landing new gigs had someone in their corner at the place they applied, or someone connected to the person at the place they applied. The level of difficulty you will have in completing your career change will depend on your skills, education, and goals for the future. Take a long, hard look at your interests and decide which tasks you’d enjoy doing even if you were working for free.

For others, however, a simple refresher course or an evening class at a community college may fit the bill.
Let family, friends, colleagues, and even your dentist know that you are planning to change careers. Each month, the EFA chooses a specific topic for its chat, and a moderator directs the Twitter chat by offering up questions to stimulate discussion on the topic.
Some Twitter programs – such as TweetDeck and HootSuite – will allow you to start a new column with the hashtag to isolate it. Knowing the NBA was an ideal career destination for her, she turned their interaction in the chat into a phone call.
However, Stringer’s assistance got her resume pulled from the pile and landed her a phone interview.
However, numerous people make the leap every year, and success is more likely for the well prepared. Keep it short and to the point as well, as you don’t want to lose your prospect with too much information. When you change careers, you may have to relocate or accept a salary change, particularly if you are starting in an entry-level position. I have returned to accumulating large amounts of educational debt, working little to not at all professionally, nurturing my fabulous elementary age children and paying a mortgage. I’ve only been working for 3 years, so its not like I have yonks of experience- plus Im considered to be an entry level attorney because I havent been admitted as yet- so I come cheap! The report found that those who were successful in changing careers had at least seven of these skills.
For example, if you love working outdoors and have a green thumb, landscaping could be right up your alley. For instance, if you’ve decided to begin a second career as a floral artist, you may find a variety of Internet classes at your disposal. Also, be open to taking any advice offered to you and joining any professional organizations available for your new career field. Follow up after sending in your resume or after an interview; you may remind a prospective employer of your attributes with a well timed, but unobtrusive, letter or phone call.
Last, but not least, consider starting your own business, as you don’t necessarily have to work for someone else to start along a new career path. You do not have to respond to the moderator and use their username in your answer, but you do need to include the hashtag in order to participate and be included in the stream. Is it possible to cope up with the change?Which stream is best after 10th between 'Commerce with Maths' and 'Science'?
I am blessed that I have a great village of supporters, the courage to breathe – placing one foot in front of the other and the experience I have gained up to this point that allows me to better navigate the journey of my life. What are the various fields in commerce?Can I change my stream from MPC to Commerce in 12th class?Are both commerce and science streams same? I try my best to keep my focus on gratitude and aspiration to improve my life by fulfilling my dreams and loving those closest to me. Im even thinking of starting to write again- i had a blog… you know how the story ends! You shouldn’t just be saving for financial emergencies, you should be saving for career emergencies too. Changing directions is a huge risk and definitely an initial step back to take a more fulfilling leap forward.
Suggest good universities for same.Best course that I can do after 12th (Commerce) with Accounts, Environmental Science and Arts as my main subjects?Can a 12th (Commerce) student do D.Pharm? How difficult will it be for commerce student when compared with Science student?Best college for BMM course in Mumbai?

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