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I originally started doing these defaults when I fell in love with these skins, but didn’t want to wait for someone else to do them. These are more detailed than the skins I have shown above, since there are vine details throughout the skin. This has no skinned on eye like the other two supernaturals, as I do believe when people die, their eyecolor don’t change.
This is the penultimate Expansion Pack for Sims 3 with only 'Into the Future' remaining before we jump into the brave new world of The Sims 4 in the first quarter of next year. There were several other fansites at this, and other events held around the world, so information about what this EP contains will be plentiful after today I'm sure. The EP offers some very different gameplay opportunities including the ability to own houseboats which are basically Lots that you can build on in just the same way you can on land, so the sky is the limit (don't try basements, that could end in tears). New activities include driving these boats around the islands, snorkelling and more importantly, diving.
If your Sim really likes the ocean they might want to take up the new Lifeguard Career, spending their days patrolling the beaches and saving lives, though they need to know when they are being duped as if our Lifesaving hero is a hottie, the victims may actually be faking it to get attention!
Mermaids are the newest addition to the collection of abnormalities that EP's tend to thrust on our perfectly formed Sims.
Mermaids can eat regular food but they prefer things that come from the sea, like fish and kelp. Anyone using an Ad-blocker plugin will be forced to wait 30 seconds instead of 10 on the "please wait" page. Now he is the main character of my Sims 3 World Adventures Story, The Other Side of The World , as a character from one of World Adventure countries, Shang Simla. Weiyuan, an Interior Design student at United States of Simerican prestigious University, came from Shang Simla. He can't even understand why in his University, so many Sims in the age of Young Adult, still behave like brat children picking other children to fight at schoolyard and stereotypes toward Shang Simla Sims that baffles him. Although he mastered Shang Simla traditional Martial Arts, Sim Chun and Sim Ji Quan, in his hometown country, he doesn't show-off to everybody who harasses him. As much as he loves freedom, he likes to express his feeling with the medium of art, including tattoo on his body. If you don't install thus try to edit using EA default sliders, his face will snap back to EA default.
You must have the expansion or stuff packs listed below installed to use this custom content. If you need more info, see Game Help:Installing TS3 Simswiki for a full, detailed step-by-step guide! If you get an error that says "This content requires expansion pack data that is not installed", please use either Clean Installer to install this sim. Jack, one of our readers, was kind enough to compose a preview in his own words for this site.
Since the CAS screen is so complex, we will take the time to tell you about each individual part. Firstly, there is the basic Name and Gender options –we know about them, so let us move on to the Age. Skin tone has been a talking point, since we’ve been given the option to extend the skin tones of our Sims. Body Modifiers are also an awesome new feature – this is where unique Sims starts, you can make them abnormally skinny, or insanely fat, or just in between – I worked out that there is almost 5 million combinations.
Sadly, you can’t enter a hexadecimal code, which can create even more colour possibilities. Now here’s what The Sims 2 was lacking – it was covered in the Sims 1, but was left redundant in the sequel.

You could have a Neurotic, Virtuoso, Day-dreamer Workaholic, which, I personally think, isn’t a good combination.
Lifetime Rewards were introduced in FreeTime, and, I personally think, were a waste of time.
And it looks like Cars have their own section now – I wonder how many cars you can get by default.,, I hope there is a wide selection. They’re the default maxis wrinkles you can find in the face paint section, but toned down so they blend with the skin rather than stick out like a sore thumb. Instead of the typically Maxis Match blue color for vampires (which I never understood), this is just a really really pale version of Pale Dust. Improve download waiting times and support your favourite Featured Artists by disabling your ad-blocker now.
So, as usual, I'll be trying to bring you some different material which includes lots of screen grabs of the new content in game in detail you probably won't see elsewhere (if that's your thing).
These can be driven around the game world between the many islands that make up the new world, Isla Paradiso.
When Sims drop below the water surface they start to use the new Scuba Diving skill, looking for shells which are a new collectible item, treasures, fish and other underwater goodies (and baddies). These already exist in the waters of Isla Paradiso and befriending one might enable you to invite one into your household.
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Major update on his face sculpt, has English name, trait (No sense of humor), bio (fav color: blue), bonus new cosplay costumes, fixed some part on description.
He expresses his honest opinions, different from mainstream views, may stir controversies in the discussion just because nobody dare to think further like Weiyuan's, majority of Sims disagreeing with his opinion showing their intolerance and arrogance to his opinion because they think Weiyuan's opinion is way too nonsense to their thinking. Even though he often gets teased because he doesn't talk too much to defend himself, doesn't mean he is weak. Even though having permanent tattoo was initially considered to be controversial in his family in his hometown country, he didn't afraid of it.
Note: The sparkly effect on Sim's eyes using Escand's Oh My Eyes contacts will be erased if awT's eyeball sliders are installed. Once the .sim file is in SavedSims, you can load the game, and look for your sim in the premade sims bin in Create-a-Sim.
This tool allows us to fully customise our objects and scenery to an extent that nobody else will have came up with the same design as you. The sliders certainly take a good part in The Sims 3, since the Skin tone is based on three swatches, which are under the drop down arrow, and you have the option to slide the arrow along to get your perfect skin tone. The RGB colour picker plays a part here, so, again, there is EXACTLY 16,777,216 million eye colours, but then there is the lightness and darkness option, which can multiply that figure by as much as 100.
Traits can truly make your Sim unique, with over 70 traits, there is over a billion combinations for your Sim.
There’s a slight difference between the original and this default, in that I gave the elder crowd a slight facial wrinklage.
You can always change your cookie settings at any time, read more about this in our privacy policy.
Sims can suffer seasickness on these and any other boat though, so care may be needed when creating seafaring Sims. If their hydration motive drops too low, Mermaids start to dry up and eventually become dehydrated.
Mermaids who do not swim in salt water regularly will eventually lose their scales and tails and turn into regular Sims. If you have forgotten your password, click here, or if you have forgotten your username, click here instead.

He may not be the greatest skilled artist, but he knows well the concept and how to implement the idea into it, that's where his art skill is improved from.
With clear mind, he can show and explain to his parents and grandparents that tattoo is not a symbolism of criminal.
If you do not have this folder yet, it is recommended that you open the game, enter Create-a-Sim, and save a sim to the sim bin to create this folder, rather than doing so manually. There is also the dress code planner, which can tell your recipients to come as a certain ‘thing’. This age group featured in The Sims 2 University, and has came back –current details on Universities have not been released.
You simply click them, and sliders appear, you then adjust the sliders to get the nose, mouth, jaw etc… that you want. And it looks like they’ve done something about it – change the icons for the object catalog. Like the Vampire, these come in both my Smell the Ashes eyes (Geiger Counter and Headcrab), and in no eyes.
I have to admit though, it looks a bit weird when Mermaids exit the water and switch their beautifully flowing tails for some scaly looking colourful legs and feet which I guess is needed if they are to spend time on land, but I was left feeling a bit underwhelmed there. He can be a total nerd when subjects he likes come out: tattoos, classical music, cosplay and interior design.
If the situation becomes more heated, he eventually stands up for himself and responds them; embarrass the harassers with his witty remarks, proving them that they are wrong. SimNation (A fiction name for a continent in SimCity for Sims default living in Sim game series but it depicts more like USA suburban, Sim creator won't call it real country refers to, USA) alongside real country names: China, France, Egypt, doesn't make sense to me. Plus, you can also download custom swatches to use, which is extending your possibilities to over 100 Million – and seen the scrollbar?
One uses the Nihilanth eye from an eyeset I made a while back, which I mainly made for myself. He has habit of saving every Simoleon he received from his parents and earned by himself, rather buy stuff on sale, and doesn't like being wasteful. He rather showing himself can do better than others; by achieving scores as best as he can do, both in academic and student sports club, rather than spending time burden his thought with useless negative thinking towards the harassers. Although, we now have a view of a possible room – with a radio floating in mid-air, and that lighting has now been joined with a group – the electronics. I did this because I know not everyone may not want to use my eyes, so they can add their own vampire eyechoice, or just use whatever. Despite his cold attitude, his emotion can be burst to flame when he is protesting something that is obviously unfair. Salt Licks Horses can lick both the Celestial Salt Lick Lifetime Reward and the normal Salt Lick. One of the Sims 3 Pets gnomes, Zenyatta (the horse gnome), might spawn whenever a horse licks a salt lick. Fishing spots have their own icon in map view, but are marked as community lots in Edit Town, so go to map view and scout them out first. When you use the invite interaction, you might get the reply “First, prove to me that you are a friend to all creatures. Or something!” Unicorns Are Magic All unicorns have a hidden pool of magic, which takes six hours to fully recharge. Using testingcheatsenabled to remove the Power Failure moodlet will cause the unicorn to lose access to magic permanently.

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