I usually address an editor by first name, but I decided to go right to the source and ask some of my editors what they thought. Any other editors reading this: How do you feel about being addressed by your first name in a query?
Too funny, and now that i think of it, when I get e-mails form students asking me to asnwer questions, they always call me Ms. I’m so glad you addressed this because apparently I’ve been doing it all wrong! I’m very informal and would probably be uncomfortable trying to work with an editor who actually preferred being called Mr. But the tricky ones are the times when the email address says Robert or Theodore or Margaret — names that so often have shorter versions the person uses regularly.
This is not an issue of preference good manners in society are dictacted upon proper behaviour and signs of good breeding.

Once you get the idea of this, you can do this trick with any way of coding a bunch of symbols into a bunch of similar symbols. But if you use no salutation at all (in order to avoid the whole thing) that’s just weird and I probably will delete you.
You want to make a connection with an editor, not create a divide by sounding too formal or stiff. Personally, I prefer the first-name basis, but when I get responses to our ads for college interns, I understand why they address me as “Mr.
What might be worse, though, is that I think it makes the writer seems a little too old-school. Tapia are the college kids who want to interview me for their writing or business or whatever classes….
It has nothing to do with what some people who do not know otherwise may think that it is fine on a personal basis.

I still absolutely need e-mails to be professional (as in, no, “Hey Kate, got an idea for you. There is one writer I work with whom I’d consider unnecessarily formal, but I just dismiss it as a personality quirk.
One does not apply such liberties to others who like myself may find being referred to by first name upon initial contact very offensive.
They considered it an important sign of respect and believed it to be extremely forward to presume to use first names.

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