The following was written by my departed friend, Ron Fink, former owner of Sales Consultants of New Haven and of the Lewis Group, with a slight modification in the last paragraph to personalize it to me and my own story.
And so the dialogue goes – while in our innermost spirit we know that “waiting for the right time” is often just another name for procrastination. Yet a time comes in each of our lives when we know that we simply must accept that challenge.
Many professionals have contemplated a change of career at some point but very few actually go through with it. The bottom line is if you don’t exert a ounce of passion for the career that you are in there is little chance that you will ever move forward. When we must go forward and do what we really want to do with our life, no matter how hard the choice, no matter how hard the times, and no matter how difficult the struggle in our minds may be. Even if we are not able to pull it off, in a way that the world calls “successful”, we know that we will at the very least be a better man or woman for having tried.
If you want to move to the very top of an industry, staying in a career where you can’t remain motivated just won’t work. Just doing a job for the sake of it is an all too common trend with professionals around the world.

Your energy levels are at zero and all you want to do is slump on the couch and nothing else.
It is only natural but consistently low energy levels due to stress or other factors is not good at all and can lead to serious health problems down the line.
If you continue, we'll assume you are happy for your web browser to receive all cookies from our website. We know that there is always a chance that we may not succeed at it, but we know that we will never feel that we have really lived our life, until we at least try. There is something about adversity and challenge that tests and refines character, even as fire tempers steel. Only you can tell yourself, if that time has come for you to take the challenge to succeed, to stretch yourself and try. If these questions sound familiar then it may be time to look at moving towards a different career path.
Is staying in a career that is putting this strain on you really worth risking your health?.
You will always leave some piece of you behind, a piece of work that is unfinished, perhaps something you feel you have earned.

A challenge towards growth and change – willingly accepted – can often bring out the very best in us.
If the time has come for you, then one thing I can tell you is that it will involve a level of commitment, some hard thinking…and work, on your part. Remember you can train yourself to work hard in an industry you don’t like but when you do something you love your work ethic and motivation come naturally.
If your career is preventing you from leading any kind of normal life outside of the working environment then it is definitely time to look at changing your career. It will always be a challenge, if you decide to launch out into the deep and mysterious destiny to which you feel called, by the dreams of your soul.
I can also tell you that a long time ago I was faced with a major fork in the road and a VERY BIG career decision – to leave the “security” of a sales management job with a major corporation, or to start my own business. I am very grateful now that I can truthfully say: “I am glad I did, rather than I wish I had”.

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