This "the cast of my brother and me" picture was created using the Blingee free online photo editor. Their divorced mom is a singer at the hotel who has a secret admirer in a rather dorky janitor named Arwin. Create great digital art on your favorite topics from celebrities to anime, emo, goth, fantasy, vintage, and more! Also at the hotel are two teenage girls, London, the moronic heiress to the hotel chain, and Maddie, a candy-counter girl who struggles to make sure she completes school as well as juggling very degrading jobs. It was chronologically the second series in the DCLAU.After that the show ended in 2008, it continued with a sequel called The Suite Life on Deck, putting half of the cast on a luxury liner to attend the onboard Seven Seas High School, with other original characters visiting on occasion.
It also added Bailey (who basically replaced Maddie), a smart girl from a small Kansas farm often made fun of by London (and serves as Cody's Love Interest); Woody, a clumsy but well-meaning (and disgusting) classmate made fun of by everyone and Mrs.
Emma Tutweiler, one of the teachers at Seven Seas High made fun of by her own students (and eventually Mr.
A Suite Life movie has aired, set in Season 3 of On Deck, focusing on the twins entering a "Gemini Project", a study on the interaction of twins. Both series also participated in massive Crossover events with other shows on the channel: Suite Life of Zack and Cody had That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana and On Deck had Wizards On Deck with Hannah Montana. I'm In The Band also has a crossover episode with On Deck (unlike the others, this consisted of only a single episode that aired as a part of I'm In The Band only).After 3 seasons, On Deck ended in 2011 with the twins and the rest of the Seven Seas High students celebrating their graduation. Ooh, Shiny!: London gets easily distracted by things she desires a few times, such as jewelery.
Cool Kid And Loser Friendship: Zack is the popular Kid A Nova and Cody is the unpopular dork. London and Maddie count as well since London is a Rich Bitch (though lovable) and Maddie is more academic oriented and less popular. London and Bailey from On Deck count too, as London is the Lovable Alpha Bitch to Bailey's Adorkable nerd. Fake Guest Star: Although, he wasn't a main cast member, Adrian R'Mante (Esteban) appeared in a good majority of the original series' episodes to qualify for this trope. Matthew Timmons (Woody), who appeared in most of On Deck, never got anything more than a guest star credit either. The odd case here is that, when Doc Shaw (Marcus) showed up midway in the second season, he automatically got star billing, even though the two play comparable roles. While already not the most likeable character by the spin-off, some of Zack's actions in the movie required to jump start the plot really go above and beyond. They turned him from a dorky kid who attended math camp, took notes on virtually everything the teacher said, and apparently took a full Advanced Placement load in high school, into an impossible genius: Various On Deck episodes reveal that he has written three cookbooks, a novel and an opera, that he has a patent, that he spent years translating ancient hieroglyphs as a personal side project, was building model molecules out of juice boxes in nursery school, and cut his own umbilical cord. Maddie's rudeness to London (Perhaps the Sharpay sunk in?) Arwin's living-with-his-mom-ness ("Mother!

Throw me the house keys!") In one episode, this Flanderization comes to a peak when Zack and Cody get him to make the place his own after his mother moved out.
Jerk with a Heart of Gold: In a subversion of the Rich Bitch trope, London gives every indication of being a genuinely good-natured person who simply doesn't understand that you're not supposed to treat people the way she does. Once when she interrupted a date, London asked her "Aren't you supposed to be working?" Muriel's response - "What's your point?" A more extreme example would be Mr. Rich Bitch: When she's not sweet, London is extremely mean and nasty to most people and takes sadistic glee in hurting them. This is most evident in the Spin-Off's episode Mean Chicks when she has something done so it hurts when she insults Bailey after winning a bet. After she wins the bet she insults Bailey a million times despite it hurting her, at the beginning declaring that it's Worth It. She used to be Spoiled Sweet, until the absence of her father among other things changed her. Once Zack claimed that Cody broke his arm and he sensed it, until Carey points out that he was the one who fell on Cody and broke it. Another time, they believe a dream about finding an Alternate Universe was caused by this, but it is revealed to the audience to have been Real After All when Carey finds a coin from the alternate reality in their jeans pocket.
If she is traveling a route that goes around corners she needs to get out of one limo and into another.
Always Identical Twins: Subverted in one episode where they had a twin convention at the hotel.
To Maddie's dismay, the twins are fraternal and her date is much less hotter and a complete know-it-all.
This example might be considered a surprising allusion for a Disney show to a previous role played by the Sprouse twins in The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things. Away in a Manger: The Christmas Episode featured a couple named Mary and Joseph, and Mary gave birth in the Tipton elevator on Christmas Eve. Everyone noticed the coincidence and hung a lampshade on it, except for London who didn't get it.Cody: Isn't this weird?
Belly Dancer: Maddie performs as a belly dancer in place of a real, professional one in "Aptitude".
The B Grade: In the episode where Cody is forced to take Wood Shop due to picking an elective that not even the teacher showed up to, it's revealed that he has extremely unrealistic ideas of what will happen to him if he doesn't ace every class. In a nightmare sequence he's made to be the janitor of a "Big Snooty Ivy League College" due to not acing Wood Shop. As he hysterically claims to his mom when she thinks he's putting too much pressure on himself:Cody: I'm not putting too much pressure on me! If I don't ace Wood Shop, I'm going to end up as one of those guys who sells hot dogs and sleeps in a taxi!

Bi the Way: Zack?s and Cody?s friend Bob, who keeps mistaking Zack?s requests to help him with a Zany Scheme in ?French 101? for dates, but winds up dating the Girl of the Week by the end of the episode.
Tipton's latest wife, Brandi, visits the hotel and tries play an active role in London's life, annoying her to no end. Eventually, London get fed up with Brandi and tells her that she isn't a parent to her, just another Trophy Wife her father will just divorce, hurting Brandi's feelings. While the two make up by the end of the episode, Brandi is never seen or mentioned again and Mr. Broken Treasure: In one episode, London borrows and accidently loses Maddie's grand grandmother brooch in a restaurant.
Instead of searching for it, London buys a replacement brooch, "with real emeralds instead of green glass". Maddie: I seem to recall, for your actual birthday, you took a cruise around the Mediterranean.
Flashbacks show that Moseby, sadly, became progressively less black as his career advanced. Thankfully, however, he'll say or do something to indicate he hasn't completely submitted to white stereotypes. Moseby!" and "This is a disaster!" Celebrity Paradox: Maddie (played by Ashley Tisdale) auditions for the part of Sharpay in a school play based on High School Musical (who was also played by Ashley Tisdale). Usually Zack picks the code names and gives Cody an embarrassing one and himself a flattering one, such as "Better Looking Twin".
After Cody was stung on the nose by a bee, Zack gives him the code name "Red Schnoz", then asks him if he's ready. Cody glares at him and says "I'm ready, Soon-To-Be-Fat-Lip!" Continuity Nod: In the episode "Hotel Inspector", Moseby is seen building a model of the Tipton in his apartment. That happened alllll the way back in the second episode of season 1 in the original Suite Life.
Comically Missing the Point: In their review of Pride and Prejudice, London and her book club identify with Caroline Bingley and lambaste Darcy for "marrying beneath him". The twins once enlisted Arwin's assistance in removing the parental controls on their mature-rated video game.

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