Sure, department stores are putting up decorations and the radio might be playing the right music, but the best way to get into the Christmas spirit might well be to wander into a movie theater.
The film is based on best selling Protestant author Max Lucado’s book of the same name and, in many ways, is a meditation on the relationship between faith and works. In the end, God is glorified by faith and works, as the villagers learn that by loving their neighbor they can cooperate in God’s miraculous work. The film recounts the story of David Richmond (Hans Matheson), a young minister who has been serving the poor in London in 1890.

According to legend, an angel visits the village candlemaker every 25 years and touches a single candle.
After some encouraging, he leaves this work to begin serving a Victorian town on the English countryside. There is a predictable, but sweet romance between Richmond and Emily Barstow (Samantha Barks). His sermons question many of the town’s traditions and challenge the villagers to put their faith into action.

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