My friend, the writer Pico Iyer, has long extolled the monastic and spiritual virtues of the New Camaldoli Hermitage in Big Sur. For a wonderful introduction to the nature of monastic living and the benefits it provides the rest of us, please see this book by my former teacher, the late Walter Capps: The Monastic Impulse. How do we keep the spark when you're as much as your elbows in work, dirty dishes and runny noses? The entire point of building rapport with your customers is to let them feel that they can trust you.

The big guy bounced off a post, got his balance back.weight loss retreats for women in coloradomarriage guidance ukchristian retreats devonjoan andersonsanctuary retreats zambiachristian retreats women paspa retreats with my dogbest health retreats vietnamwriters retreats in new yorkyoga retreats in andalucia spainchristian retreats with dogsyoga retreats in bali january 2011romantic qldwriting away retreats cicily janusyoga and meditation retreats in michiganweight loss retreats njyoga retreats in mysore indiarural retreats lower barn dorsetthanksgiving weekend retreats in texasspa retreats palm springsmontecito village retreat paradise retreatsspa in south carolinaspiritual retreats near los angelestrip advisor assisi retreatsgrief workshops retreatsspa yoga retreats massachusettszen mountain monastery retreatsbuddhist retreats philadelphiawomen weekend retreats in wnyhelfand llcmountain retreats in coloradoweekend marriage in californiaNow what are you seeing that you'll get out of this? During these tough times, keeping your business afloat can seem like a losing proposition especially when banks are not in the habit of lending at the moment. Although not a Catholic, for over twenty years he’s made several sojourns a year from his home in Japan back to California to stay at the monastery, which hosts individual and group retreats.
Well, this morning I read in the Los Angeles Times that the hermitage is having financial difficulties, so I thought to ask RLL readers to do whatever they can to help out the monks, even if it only means buying one of their fruitcakes,* although there are other enticing items in their gift shop and of course one can always simply make a tax-deductible donation.

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