This is an indication that those values will not be used as far as maintaining the actual TABLE. Activate AEC on Creating and Modifying panel and select Windows ( preferably Sliding Windows), you may activate 2d Snaps plus vertex snap toggle, Then drag to the window portion of the wall as seen on the plan.
I would use File Link Manager so in the future, i can update it eventually when there are some plan revisions.3. The autocad plan im using is in millimeter and my 3d max is in meter, in this case i will hit rescale.4.

There some cases that AEC Components is not properly link to the wall, you will notice and see it when the window if properly positioned is partially not seen and was covered up by the wall. Since the plan is well layered from autocad, all layers will automatically be in 3dMax, and if i want to off some layer i will just turn it off on 3dmax layer dialog box. To avoid this, select your window, go to the main toolbar and press Select and Link Icon, the cursor icon will change as seen on the image. Although you can do on the file link procedure, you can choose which layer you want to use.6.

By exploring windows different profile, you can create different windows design out of it.5.

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