I probably missed a step or two in the installation process because as far as I know, all the browsers let the user decide if it wants to choose them as default. The purpose of this article is to teach people – who are facing this problem – how to change default browser back to the old one manually. When you click on Check Now, it’ll pop up a box where you can set it as your default browser by clicking on Yes.
Making Chrome your default browser is more simple because the setting is there right on the first page of the Options. You can visit Chrome Options by clicking on the wrench icon at the top, and there under Basics, at the very bottom you’ll find a button that says Make Google Chrome my default browser.
Considering the rave reviews IE 9 has received, it is possible that many people – who were not IE users previously – are now using it as their default browser. No matter what version of IE you are using, the Internet Options window is the answer to setting it as your default browser.
Thanks for your information , I use it and work properly , Now Firefox is my default browser. Thank you for making these easy to follow instructions available for this annoying problem. In my computer,while browsing the net, i found all my software such as ms office, autocad etc has been changed to adobe default browser in the desktop. Thank you very much for the instructions, I had the same issue when I installed Chrome, it just became the default. In Windows Vista and later, it asks for administrator permissions… Can it be done without that? Safari is a clean and simple browser with a nice user interface and is made specially for iOS. Users prefer the freedom to choose the browser they want to use but Apple has not yet introduced a setting to change the default browser.
In case you are wondering what ‘jailbreak’ means, it is the name given to a process which modifies the iOS to allow greater user control and eliminates the limitations imposed by Apple.
There are tons of fun, useful and cool apps available in third-part app stores which are not authorized by Apple. The app that we are interested in, in order to change the default browser on our iOS, is the Browser Changer app from Cydia.
The obvious first step to change the default browser in iOS is to download and install the Browser Changer utility from Cydia. Next, open up the ‘Settings’ and scroll down to find the Browser Changer added to your list. If you’re a fan of Atomic Web Browser or Skyfire Web Browser, and hate having to copy and paste links from emails or apps into your favorite browser and open them there, this tweak is definitely something you should check out.
The Browser Changer utility has yet to streamline its operation with OperaMini web browser. Mozilla is one of the companies that have already announced plans to bring their apps on Windows 10, and the new Firefox app should arrive very soon if development goes according to plan, but the firm isn’t really satisfied with the way Microsoft treats other browsers in its new OS version.

To make sure that they are making it easier for users to change the default browser in Windows 10, Mozilla contacted Google, and instead of sticking to this default behavior, they are bringing the settings screen up every time a user clicks the make default button.
Edge is Microsoft’s big bet for the browser race in Windows 10, and it is available on all devices running the new OS as a universal app for PCs, tablets, laptops, and smartphones. To choose the default browser in Windows 10, any of the third-party browsers – Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and others, is not difficult, but for many users who faced the new system for the first time faced this may seem complicated because the actions needed for this are different than on previous versions of the system.
Android Apple Gaming How To Internet iPhone Mac Review The Top Best Windows PC E-Waste: You Will Be Surprised By The FactsLast week, we have celebrated earth day. This was just an example and this can happen sometimes when some changes to the system change default browser without letting you know. Hence when Opera set itself as the default browser without my permission, it didn’t make me jump with joy.
And then, there are millions of other IE users to consider (Lest you forget, IE is still the most widely used browser).
Tomorrow, we will take up Safari and Opera, and see how to change default browser in that case. It’s been years since I had to do this and I was getting very frustrated looking on every program and application I use that was opening the links in IE trying to find how to fix this! But there are many other browsers, like Opera Mini, Mobicip, PERFECT Browser, Atomic, and SkyFire to name a few, which work well with iOS. Once jailbroken, you can install these apps on your system from sources other than the official App Store.
So, the next time when you open a link on your email, twitter, or facebook, it will open in your favorite browser rather than Safari. Below it is the Selected Browser tab which gives you a list of all the browsers that you can use as an alternate to Safari.
You can click and turn these options ON to make your chosen browser as the default to open up Google Maps or Youtube videos. The applications that jailbreak your device can introduce malicious code and damage or disable it. Automatic page loading at startup is not supported with OperaMini and you have to tap the URL bar to load the linked URL. Learn how to set or change browsers like Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer as default.Advertisements Different browsers on your computer keeps on competing to become the default browser.
Very unlikely, but there’s no doubt that the company should take all these complaints into account and make it easier for users to switch to Chrome or Firefox if they really want to. There is more work that we can and should do in the Windows 10 upgrade experience to retain users (the default upgrade changes the default browser to Edge),” the Mozilla engineer continues. Strangely, during the installation process, I didn’t see any option to not set it as default browser.
You only find that out when you click on a link on, lets say, a chat window on your IM client and it suddenly opens the link in the new browser you installed, instead of your favorite browser. Instead there is a large box called Internet Programs and at the bottom of the window is a small check box that says IE should check to see if it is the default browser.

It takes over your computer and won’t let go, causing your computer to use unnecessary space on your hard drive you may not even be aware of. There is great little app which can be used to change iOS’s default browser setting for ‘jailbroken’ devices. Since you are now on your own, you cannot rely on Apple or the supported carriers to fix the problem for you. They ask keep on asking you to set it as default browser every time you run a browser, unless you stop them! Secondly, the message is given in a prompt that blocks interaction with the rest of the computer until the OK button is clicked. You can see below that there’s a way to check if Firefox is the default browser, without the need to restart it.
And once you stop browsers from asking you to change your default browser, you sometime feel lost how to change your default browser, if need be!Recently, I downloaded a newer version of Google Chrome because the previous version was having some problem opening HTTPS websites. Combining this second issue with the lengthy list of steps that the dialog provides makes the situation even worse, as the user will have to memorize this 3-step process before clicking OK,” Wein adds. I keep Google Chrome as my default browser –but as it was not working –and I had no time to look deeper in the problem –I decided to change my default browser to Mozilla Firefox.
Here is how you change the default browser if need be.Make Mozilla Firefox the Default BrowserAdvertisementsOpen Mozilla Firefox and click on Menu button in the top right corner (this button shows three lines stacked on top of each other).
Confirm your choice and Firefox will become your default browser.Firefox screen showing how to set default browserMake Google Chrome the Default BrowserGoogle has developed Chrome on the same platform as Firefox.
If you decide to make Google Chrome your default browser –just open Google Chrome and click on the Menu button given in the top right corner (this button shows three lines stacked on top of each other). Click the button to set Google Chrome as default browser.Google Chrome screen showing how to set default browserMake Internet Explorer the Default BrowserOpen Internet Explorer and go to the wheel icon given in top right corner. Click OK.Restart Opera and now it will ask if you want to set Opera as your default browser.
Select Yes to confirm your desire.I hope this information will allow you to quickly figure out how to set a default browser. If you love, let’s say, Google Chrome but your default browser continues to be Internet Explorer -it’s time to change it!
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