Clicking an email link in a web browser defaults to launching, which is great if you use Mail but not so great if you use webmail services like Gmail. Switching back to the default behavior is just a matter of selecting Mail again as the action.
Older versions of Mac OS X can use WebMailer as well, but Google Notifier is the most reliable. It may be obvious to everyone buy me; but where does the pasted material go in the Chrome Javascript console? I agree with phoenix, this doesn’t work when trying this on Chrome on Mountain Lion, is there a fix or update? Ubuntu ships with a slate of default apps handily pre-installed, including Mozilla’s hugely popular Firefox web browser and Thunderbird e-mail client. While both of these have their fans neither app is — shock — to everyone’s tastes or needs.
We’re not just talking about installing a different bit of software here but also how you set it as the system handler for a given file, link or content type. It is super easy to change a whole slate of default application  including web, e-mail, text editing, music and videos players, in Ubuntu. To use a different default browser in Ubuntu you will first, rather obviously, need to install a new one. Open-source web browsers, like Epiphany, Chromium and IceWeasel, are available to install from the Ubuntu Software Center. Major web-browsers, like Google Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi, must be downloaded from each project’s official website. Whichever browser you choose, and however you choose to install it, once you have done so you can continue on. Note that by changing the default mail app you will change what app launches when you try to send emails from anywhere in OS X, whether it’s from another Mac app or a link on the web.

Everyones available mail clients will likely be different, depending on what apps are installed on their Mac. Note that if you want to use a webmail app within a browser (to be perfectly clear, that means a mail service like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or Hotmail loaded in the web browser and not in a mail client application) as your Macs default mail client you’ll need to use a variety of tweaks to launch the browser directly. Mail app is a great email client but if it’s not for you, there are plenty of options out there.
I was aware that you can change the default in Mail Prefs, but you said that it changes what app launches throughout OSX. I have changed the prefs to, yet if I want to send an email with a photo in iPhoto, Mail still launches.
That said, what is the use in changing the default to Google Chrome for email, what does it actually change?
Delete the false account afterwards if you want or leave it in case you need to access the preferences again at a later date (i.e. If you’re trying to set the default as a new application, the Application preferences itself might have an option to set it as default.
This worked for me with Outlook 2011, I didn’t have to set up the Mail application on OSX. If you’re trying to set the default as a new application, the Application preferences itself might have an option to set it as default. I change it to outlook but when I close Preferences and open it again it’s changed it back to Mail!? This is fairly easy to resolve, though you’ll have to configure it separately on a per-browser basis, with different methods for Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Now that Apple is on top, don’t be shocked if they get hit with the same thing and we get such choices in future iOS releases.

There is a window with material in it on top and a window below it that has a carat and an html and body tag above the carat. We often get e-mails or tweets from people asking us how they can change the default browser in Ubuntu or set a different mail client as the handler for mail links, etc. This means the app will open automatically when you click on an email address or a mailto link in most web-browsers, PDFs, instant messengers, and so on.
For example, setting Gmail as the default for Chrome and other web browsers is just a matter of using a javascript or browser extension, and is completed in a moment. But in iPhoto, it only has the options to choose Mail, iPhoto (Not sure what that does) and Microsoft Outlook (which is greed out). I was not able to set this through without apparently setting up a new account first. The number of times I click an e mail link and then realise Mail has opened up and is trying to download thousands of e mails. If you change the settings in Mail Mail to Chrome for being the default mail program, then NOTHING happens when you click the mailto link. I cannot count how many times in the past I have been caught by accidentally clicking the hidden link and now my mail app fires up and for the next five minutes it syncs several past emails (I normally use web mail). Strangely this only happens on my Mac, not on my MacBook Air (both running Yosemite), so I know it is a setting issue, but I cannot find out how to change it in Mail, Outlook or Finder.

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