Once you have added more than one email to your iPhone or iPad, you can choose which one to set as default email address.
Now you default account is changed; whenever you send an email from the Mail app on your iPhone or iPad, the receiver will get your emails from the Default Account only. Note that some users confuse the change of Default Email address with the change in email address associated with Apple ID.
Nowadays emails are the primary mode of communication, whether we are in the office or traveling. In the present world, anything that is gaining mass appeal catches the attention of politicians or businesspeople.
First the bad news - Unfortunately there is no direct way to change the Yahoo email address.
Important note: If you've forgotten the password of your account and want to change the Yahoo email address the only solution is to create a new account. Yahoo lets you create and add one more email address to your account and for this you would have to create a new account - instructions below.
Log in to your account, click on the "Options" link and select "Mail Options" from the menu. The new browser window with the Yahoo Mail classic version shows the details of your present Yahoo email account. You now need to create a new ID which will be starting point of the process of changing the Yahoo email address. Though the process mentioned above is what I would advise if you want to change the email address, you can always delete the old Yahoo email address and create a new one. Another option is to upgrade the old Yahoo email address to Plus which costs about $20 for a year and have all messages forwarded to a new Yahoo email address.
Page contents: Change Yahoo email address: Can you really change the email address provided by Yahoo to another? Unless it has been changed before, the default email address is always the first email account that has been setup on the iOS device.
Whatever is set as the default account becomes the primary email address in the Mail app and mailing interfaces in iOS.
The change is immediate, once finished with the adjustment you can exit out of Settings and any mail actions will be sent through that default account. I have rebooted the iPad several times and tried changing the default a dozen times and it will not change the default. If you want to tweak the content of your QuickBooks-generated emails, it’s easy to do.

You can then change the default email template for a number of forms, and for reports in general. This is also the place where you can change verbiage in the body of your emailed invoice or add a bcc email address (nice if you want a copy of the invoice to come back to you). Posted in quickbooks.Tagged emailed invoice, quickbooks, quickbooks email, quickbooks invoice, quickbooks template. Hello, I wonder if it is possible to have more than one invoice template, I have different type of customers.
Is there any way to email the Invoices so it shows right in the customers email instead of a PDF file? But when I actually go to the invoice and attempt to email it, it has gone back to the original template not displaying the changes that I thought I had saved? When we email invoices, can we have 3 different outlook messages so each user can send invoices via Outlook with their own personal template message? You can get the job into the header of the invoice itself, but I don’t know of a way to put it in the subject line, sorry. In 2014 it is changing font for template to times new roman when it was working perfectly before.
Shannon: Along the lines of what Shirley mentioned, we print out our invoices and they also generate nicely in Broadgun for e-mailing, however, when they are converted to be e-mailed from within QB, the font of our company name is changed. In 2014 QB why is the emailed statement different from the email I see when I preview the statement?
So if you go into Create Statements and click the Customize button for statements in the right pane, and then click on Basic Customization, you’ll see a checkbox for Company Name.
In the Create Invoices screen, if you click on Customize Design in the top ribbon, it will take you to something that allows that. Please note that in earlier iOS versions, it was enough to select default email id from the Settings; now, you have to follow a few more steps. There is no option in the settings and options section that will modify the Yahoo ID, the first part of the email address. The screenshot below is from the All-new Mail interface; if you are using the old Yahoo Mail version, shift to the new one so that you would be in tune with these instructions. Click on the "Get Started" at the bottom to create a new Yahoo email account and add it to the one you have.
Enter one in the blank text field on the left or choose from the options on the right - "Check Availability" lets you know if the Yahoo ID entered is untaken. You have successfully created another Yahoo email account and added it to the existing one.

People can write to either one and you would be able to check the messages via the default account which, at the present, is the old one. Don’t miss this excellent collection of Mail tips to boost your mobile email productivity or browse through our prior Mail tricks collection. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! At first when I opened the mail app, it would just show a list of all my inboxes and stuff so that I could choose which one I opened. We want to send invoices using Outlook but QB seems to be modifying the formatting of the email. For example, my company name shows when I view the statement but when you view the pdf of the statement that is emailed to my customer my company name in not included.
I would like to add our company logo and change the defauly blue border to a different color?
If the approach I describe for Doug above is available to you, that’s the way to do it. But there is no need to be disheartened - even though there is no straight solution to your problem, there are plenty of indirect paths that you can follow to change the email address. It is fine if you want to continue using accounts like this but I suggest converting the newly created ID to the default which will "properly" change your Yahoo email address.
By the way, your old ID will continue to work and you would still be receiving messages on that address. Messages sent at the old email address will never reach you as the account no longer exists.
Remember, Mail app is separate from other third party email clients and apps installed on the same iOS device, and thus the other apps will not be shown in the list. You can pick from the drop down list to display the customer’s first and last name. So, before I send the collection emails, I’m having to go to each one individually and change the Template to our custom form so our company name, etc will show on the invoice when emailed.
But the Australian version may not have that, and if not, I unfortunately don’t have an answer for you. Click on the "Add or edit an account" which will open a new browser window with the classic Yahoo Mail version.

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