Windows 8 users may have noticed that after your computer has been locked for 1 minute, the display is turned off.
You would not have seen it earlier, but after editing the registry, you will get to see it.
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This tutorial will help show you how to change the amount of minutes Windows 8 will wait idle with no activity when the computer is already locked before timing out and automatically turning off the display.
This will only work with the lock screen when a user locks the computer.This will not work with the lock screen at startup or after a user signs out. Could you post back with more details about your issue to see if this tutorial applies to it or not, and what we may be able to do to help?

I am trying to use 3DMark11 and the system goes to the lock screen after 5 minutes which stops the app. I am using Win 8 Pro so there is no option to reset the security policies, as some have mentioned works. Please go ahead and create a new thread for this to keep this tutorial on topic, and we'll be happy to see what we can do to help.
You may have via Control Panel options, set the PC to never sleep, never turn off the monitor, never turn off hard disk and so on – but when the lock screen is visible, you may find that the monitor will turn off after 1 minute. You will now find that the monitor screen does not turn off after 1 minute of locking your Windows 8 computer. If the administrator has not already, the Console lock display off timeout option needs to be added to Advanced Power Settings.

Setting this to 0 (zero) minutes will set the display to never turn off from the lock screen. You would need to do step 1 first to add this option, then you will have it available to set.
It's only for the timeout period to turn off the display when you have already locked the computer.
If you wish to change this setting, you will have to follow these steps, which I came across on a TechNet post.

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