Once youa€™re on the a€?Change Your Email Addressa€? page, youa€™ll need to enter your new, valid email address and confirm it. Please note that you cannot change your email address to one already in use or previously used on this network (unless the account has been deleted). Welcome to Ning 2.0!This Help Center is for Ning Networks that were created before March 11, 2013. Whether youa€™re just getting started or your Ning Network is already up and running, everyone can use a healthy dose of new ideas. If youa€™re brainstorming about how to best build and grow your network, browse through some of these outstanding examples of popular social websites.
One of the most common complaints we get from users is that FreeMesa.org sends out too many emails.
The reason for this is that the person has subscribed to several freecycling groups, of which FreeMesa.org is usually one of them. FreeMesa.org only sends out ONE email per night containing a consolidated list of offers and requests in your area.

If the emails you are getting are NOT from us, then we are not responsible for the inundation you may be getting. First, log into your account, and then go to your home page by clicking 'My Page' in the top left tool bar.
You might have changed your Hotmail account’s password several times, but have you ever changed your email address, which is basically your identity. When you will reach into the folder of Inbox, drag your cursor towards the right side top and click ‘Options’. A new page will reload on which you will be able to see the heading of ‘Managing Your Account’. Wea€™ve put together some Best Practices studies with examples of how other Ning Networks get people excited and involved. The Creators Network is our customer community, and ita€™s chock full of interesting tips, ideas, and people who are doing just what youa€™re doing a€” building something creative on Ning. No doubt creating a Hotmail account is a simple and free procedure which any one can follow, still people who wish to change their email address are not able to do so because it becomes hard for them to tell everyone that their email address has been changed.

If you are not familiar with the process of creating a new account then you can take help from, Create Email Address on Hotmail.
In about 75% of the cases, the person filing the complaint doesn't actually have an account with us.
The confusion is understandable as we all often service the same areas and have similar missions. Well not to worry, this article will not only help you out in knowing the reality behind this possibility, but it will also provide a solution to your problem. The problem is that we are distinct organizations with distinct systems and run by entirely different groups of people.
There is no as such option to change your email address, but this is the only reliable manner to resolve your issue.

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