When a user registers with your single site installation or creates a new site inside your WordPress multi-site installation, he or she is automatically sent a new account email notice from the WordPress system containing that person’s login information, temporary password, and a link to login at your site.
This happens regardless of what you have listed for the admin email address under your website’s general settings.
There is a higher likelihood cloaked emails will end up in the new user’s spam folder, resulting in a delay in his login, a direct call for help, or the logging of a support ticket. What we prefer, is to drop the “WordPress” and have that email be sent directly from your WordPress admin email.
You’ll also notice the information remains consistent when the user checks the email details.
Luckily, there are two relatively easy ways to clean the new user or new site notification sent by WordPress; a plugin or some custom code. If you want to send mail from your own server, you’ll continue down to the lower area of the plugin settings page and enter your server specific information.

If you’d rathter not install another plugin, you can change the default behavior with code. Using your favorite code editor, open class_phpmailer.php and make a copy of the file as a backup for safe keeping. Now, when a user registers with your site or creates a new site on your network, he will see your branded email name and from address, rather than the stock WordPress system information. Now, note down the new email and update it to contacts so you can continue to send status update, images, and videos to Facebook from Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, mobile phone, etc. It’s a great internal WordPress feature that allows you to manage your user and site registrations almost hands-free. You can see an example of that in the two images below, which were taken after applying one of the two fixes you are about to learn. In my case, I’ve set the email to send using the name “OrgSpring” (my company name) and using the address [email protected] (my general site admin email address).

A quick google search should show you those settings for nearly every server under the sun.
Be sure to check back soon, we’ll be creating a video tutorial to help walk people through the WordPress email issue. This plugin allows you to specify the from name and email address of any system email using php mail function, or your own SMTP server, like Gmail.

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