It is important to notice that if you choose any custom color or colors from the Standard tab instead of Theme Colors then the colors won’t update if you change the theme used for the slide design. Here you will see the changes, but if you have changed the colors previously in the normal view then likely you will need to reset your slide.
Have you ever tried to attract your readers with the font color and font sizes of your blog posts??? Decorating the blog post with multiple colors makes it able to invite your readers like an invitation card which invites people with its wonderful color design. Recently one of our reader also asked to me that how we can change the font size and font colors in our blog posts as he is a newbie blogger therefore he doesn’t know that how to do this.
Yes this is the first and foremost way which you can use to change or increase the size of the text in your blog posts. When you will activate this plugin then it will add numerous other features in your WordPress visual editor as you can see in the below image. GlobalCraze is a blog where bloggers will learn WordPress tutorials, blogger tutorials, social media tips, seo tips, blogging tips etc. In this post, i’ll show you the before and after results for embedding code in WordPress using Githubs Gists.
All CSS code should be added near the end of your child themes style.css file before the start of the code for your themes Media Queries.
If your code seems bloated when you embed it in gist, one of these code snippets may provide the solution that fixes it.

This chapter will teach you how to change text colors and how to mark text which should look like it was marked with a highlighter pen. By default any typed text comes in black color, but you can change your font color to any of the color which can imagine. If you click at the left portion of the Font Color button, then already selected color will be applied to the text, so you would have to click over small triangle to display a list of colors. If you do not find a color of your choice, you can use More Colors option to display color pallet box which allows you to select a color from range of millions of colors. You can highlight a selected text using any color and it will look like it was marked with a highlighter pen. If you click at the left portion of the Text Highlight Color button, then already selected color will be applied to the text, so you would have to click over small triangle to display a list of colors.
Microsoft word provides a list of text effect which will beautify the document, specially cover page or headings of the document. Step (2): Click the Text Effect button to display a list of effects including shadow, outline, glow, reflection etc. In fact, this is the same procedure we use when we created our free PowerPoint background templates and slide designs for FPPT. You can learn more about how to use Theme Colors in PowerPoint 2010 to learn the basis about changing overall color palette for your slides. So, in order to change the default color for the slide in PowerPoint we go to View -> Slide Master and then choose the Title and Content layout or any other layout that you want to use.

When you will be writing blog posts in your WordPress post editor then you can use different heading sizes to increase the font size of your blog post so that your readers can attract towards your post.
In this article, we have explained you how you can change font size and font color in your WordPress blog posts. I will surely write one more post on this topic in coming 2-3 days so that you can understand easily that how you can change font style in WordPress blog posts. Try to move your mouse pointer over different colors and you will see text color will change automatically.
Try to move your mouse pointer over different effects and you will see text effect will change automatically. You should always try to change some font colors in your blog posts which lefts a great visual experience in your readers mind. As you will click on it then the drop down with full of different different colors will open and then your can choose the color which you want.
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