One of the greatest things about an Android smartphone is that you can alter the way it looks or the way it behaves whenever you to start feeling bored with it.  There are thousands of applications on the Android Market–many of which are free–that can help you customize your Droid. Sometimes, after a long time, you might get bored with the old android look on your smartphone. Now go back to your home screen and see the changed font on your Samsung galaxy android smartphone.
This is again a simple method to change size of font on your android smartohone.You can make it big, small, large etc. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
The real question is, with Android becoming an OS for shared devices (tablets live on the coffee table, to be used by whoever picks them up), when will it become a truly multi-user system with separate settings by login? I know there's an app for sms and Google talk text size, and the gmail font size as discussed in the article, but does anyone know of an app or system setting to increase overall system font size? Friends we have covered many tutorials on this website and today we are here with new post on how to easily change fonts in Android smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S4 or any other device with Android Operating system. You have to copy your TTF font files in any of the given files such as sd card, GO launcher EX or font directory. If everything goes well, the application will be automatically saved in the sd card or Go launcher EX or font directory. Apart from these Non-root methods, there are two more methods available to change fonts in Android Smart Phone. When comes to the safety issue of these methods, then I can assure you that these methods are totally safe from malware. Friends if you liked this post then please do comment and let us know if you find any issue while installing or changing fonts in Android Phones or your tablet.

I started obsessing about the Android platform as soon as I got my HTC EVO phone in mid-2010.
On my vega android phone, my sms text size was great, then suddenly it changed to huge letters.
You can find the Settings icon in the all apps gallery, tapping on which you can open the Android settings.
It does not change the font size of other apps like Kingsoft Office, Microsoft Office other any other text editors. Especially the Samsung galaxy android smartphones. They include some of the greatest features by default. This will work to change font style on android jelly bean, kitkat, ice cream sandwich, froyo, gingerbread.
You can use this method to select different styles and then let the one stay which you like. It will work with Android 2.0+ and I guess these days Smartphone comes with Jelly Bean so you can easily use this app without any issue. There are many reasons why someone may want to change the font sizes on their Android phone. Ever since then, I have been obsessed with learning all that I can about the Android OS and sharing that knowledge with my friends and family. In additions, some of the apps may define their own font size and override the Android display settings.
You can also change the style of text on your Samsung galaxy smartphone. Choose from a handful of list. This small but effective solution, guide, way will show you how to change the fonts and font size on your android smartphone.

Perhaps you have trouble seeing text messages, email, or notifications, and want to increase the font sizes to make them larger. It uses big buttons and large fonts for all the basic functions of the phone – telephone, SMS messages, camera, gallery, SOS button and installed applications.
If my phone can already (hugely) increase text size, then can’t it also decrease the text size without downloading an app?
Just move on, follow the tutorials given above and change the fonts of your Android Smart phone easily. You do not need to root your device nor you need to install any custom application to do this. Tap "Message text size," and pick your poison.We have no idea why this isn't a global setting, and you instead need to choose which account you want to change size on. I have suggested the three easiest processes to change the font size in your Android Smart Phone.
Whatever the reason may be, below we will show you some simple to follow instructions on changing the font size on your Droid to your preference. Here I am with some solutions for you which will help you to change fonts in Android Phones as well as Tablets.

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