Today, Twitter announced an all new online version of Twitter, and to complement this new site, the popular micro blogging service launched a re-designed iPhone application. You needn't consider yourself an iFan to be wholly intrigued by what Apple has in store for consumers around the globe year after year, especially if you're eyeing the flagship smartphone tier. As became obvious with the iPhone 5c, you can trust that somebody, somewhere in Apple's supply chain, will take it upon himself to provide an early glimpse into the new iPhone.
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The autorelease errors seem to be related to the fact that the analyzer is unable to see that the Copy methods are actually correctly named, and I tried to look for an example of unreachable code, but I could not really find any patterns or explanations of those errors, as the errors were all lines of code inside simple if statements. I suppose that this could be some bugs that were introduced in the latest version of checker that is causing these to show up as errors. I tried a bunch of different method names to see if it would make the error go away (including addedOrModifiedcopy, which does not have get or new in the name), and it still gives the same error in the same place. First, method names should start with lower case letters, not uppercase (save for abbreviations like URL).
I took one of my classes and changed the method name to a naming similar to your suggestion, and switched all the callers to expect an autoreleased object instead of retained, and the analyzer stopped complaining.

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This timeline shows all the tweets of people you follow and also has a button on the top right to quickly send off a tweet. You can also manage your Direct Messages from here, manage your tweet drafts, organize and view lists, switch accounts, access settings, get Twitter help, and view saved searches from here. That certainly is the case with the upcoming iPhones, one of which has been suggested (to put it mildly) to come sporting a much larger, 4.7-inch screen, when compared with the current iPhone crop. The precise reason for that eludes us, though it could be because its slated for a later launch.
As you can see, the method name has Copy at the end of it, but it is still reporting as incorrectly named.
The new app has four tabs across the bottom: Home, Connect, Discover, and Me, detailed below the fold.
The interface for individual tweets is also redesigned, faster to load, and appears much lighter. That, not at all coincidentally, is why we set out to curate and summarize the vast troves of intel we've obtained up to this point.So do we have enough to label this library of leaks substantial?

You can reply to individual tweets from this new menu, retweet them (native), favorite them, or share them via copying the link to your clipboard or emailing a link. You can also find Twitter friends via your the address book and choose who to follow based on people you follow that are similar. Sure, but there are obviously no guarantees until we see at least one of the two actual iPhones come September. Whether that'll remain the case should an iPhone phablet be released is unknown, though we would venture a guess that even if the two differ, it won't be by much. For example, a bigger body could allow Apple to stick more than a mono speaker into the phablet, but beyond that, we don't expect major differences between the two models.
In fact, one particular dummy that came to our attention had a surprisingly well-matching yellow edge surrounding the sensor.
Another rather major difference is the new placement of the power button, which seems to have found itself a new home at the right side of the 4.7'' iPhone 6 -- a change that makes a whole lot of sense, seeing as reaching for the top of a larger device can be quite the nuisance. Lastly, and this is one of the least-likely rumors we've come across so far, it has been suggested that the new iPhone could be water-resistant.

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