The new version of iOS 6 offers faster access to the personal hotspot feature, and slightly changes the steps to turn on the personal hotspot. Users that wish to change the password can tap on the password field and type a new password. The iPhone personal hotspot feature shares the Internet connection over WiFi with no additional setup needed on most devices, It also shares the connection over USB or Bluetooth, though some computers may need to install drivers or perform setup options to make this work. After using the iPhone hotspot once, the iPhone places a shortcut to the Personal Hotspot on the general settings screen, right below the Bluetooth setting. The home screen and a small notification while in other apps displays the number of connected devices, which is an easy way to figure out how many devices are using your connection. This increased speed makes tethering more attractive, even for multimedia intense activities like streaming movies or TV, but without unlimited data users should be sure to check their data usage to keep it in check. Using the iPhone hotspot is pretty straightforward, but there are some iOS 6 hotspot problems users commonly run into. If you upgraded to iOS 6 or made another change and there is no Personal Hotspot option on your iPhone, the device may have a bug preventing it from showing. The default iPhone 5 personal hotspot password is a jumble of letters and numbers that is hard to remember and is also easy for someone to crack, even if it looks like a secure password. Many users want to be able to manage the iOS 6 hotspot to see who is connected and information about the devices.
I was really hoping they’d done away with the distracting, screen-eating banner advising of the number of personal hotspot connections and gone for the more elegant solution of a small item in the notification bar (like TetherStatus for jailbroken devices). Man, some people, your not going to use iOS 6 because of the banners ads or woteva you said. I am used to android rooting so that I can use it to tether as a hotspot to my ipad and other devices.
Since updating my 4s to IOS 6 ( which crashed my phone initially) I can’t find the hotspot. I have an 4GS and since the IOS 6 upgrade, I am not able to use tethering… I am using a cable to connect and tried using Bluetooth too. I’m clear that a Verizon iPhone 5 can’t do voice and data at the same time but can I be using the personal hotspot and make a call simultaneously? I just bought a new ipad but can’t connect via home wireless Internet (router too old). I can see all the devices and conect to anything using the wifi on my Iphone but not the opposite. Just picked up an iPhone 5 this weekend for my Mother-In-Law specifically because of the Personal Hotspot Feature.
HBO finally caved and created a subscription-based streaming app, no cable subscription required.
If you want to keep up with TV shows, but can’t stand cable, Hulu is the best place to go. You can’t buy movies and TV shows on the Amazon Instant app, but you can watch purchased or rented videos. Joobik Player allows users to queue up video playlists from iTunes and play them on any AirPlay device. Avid readers will love Scribd, a Netflix-like subscription app that puts millions of ebooks, comic books, and audiobooks at your fingertips for just $9 a month.
Amazon rules the ebook reader world, but you can also get its Kindle app just about everywhere else, including iPhone. If you like news readers that make things look like pretty magazines, you can thank Flipboard for that. It’s kind of like Flipboard, but has thousands of topics to choose from and nicer animation. Nuzzle will aggregate news stories from your Twitter and Facebook feeds to give you one place to catch up on the important stories.
TuneIn Radio’s specialty is live radio, whether it be for sports, news, talk, or music.
SoundCloud is the audio player that has become a favorite of musicians and talk shows and podcasts alike. Nintendo’s first mobile app is Miitomo, a social game lets you create a digital avatar and interact with others. Visonicom EZCast WiFi dongle scherm is in staat om alles inclusief videoscherm naar HDTV of projector uitgebracht . Visonicom EZCast WiFi dongle scherm is in staat om alles met inbegrip van foto's van uw smartphones en tablet -pc of Windows PC's aan HDTV of-projector uitgebracht .
Visonicom EZCast draadloze dongle scherm is in staat om alles met inbegrip van spel scherm naar HDTV of projector uitgebracht .
Simply connect the HDMI port of the EZCast universal WiFi Display Adapter (hereafter refers to EZCast adapter, EZCast WiFi Display Dongle, the adapter or the dongle) with HDTV, use a HDMI cable in case of necessary. Connect the micro USB power port of EZCast adapter with a USB charger or USB port of TV for power supply.
The EZCast APP can cast 6 types of applications to your TV or projector through the EZCast WiFi display dongle. EZCast supports the following files: PDF, DOC, PPT, Excel, MAC OS Page, MAC OS numbers, and MAC OS Keynotes.
4.5 System UpgradeClick [Upgrade] to upgrade EZCast firmware and APP OTA (On the Air) online.
It’s expensive, but this app helps you store all of your sensitive data behind a single password. If you have some sensitive photos on your iPhone roll that you’d prefer to keep hidden, you’ve come to the right place. For $5 a month, you can secure your Wi-Fi connection, protect your identity, and block hackers when using public hotspots. This security package offers a number of useful features to protect your iPhone, avoid viruses, back up your contacts, and help you to locate it if the worst happens and it’s been lost or stolen.

This app plots the position of your iPhone, so you can see exactly where it is and where it has been.
This app locates your iPhone and remotely takes photos, displays an alert message, and sounds an alarm.
This is an alarm clock for your nightstand with support for multiple alarms, social media, news, weather integration, a sleep timer, and a flashlight you activate by shaking your iPhone. The iPhone comes with a calculator, but this one can recognize your handwriting and turn it into real equations. You can automate all sorts of reminders and tasks with this clever app by creating “recipes” or selecting from the available, ever-growing, community-driven library.
Filing documents is a pain, but it’s a necessary one for organization and legal purposes. You social media accounts link to just about everything, but you might be totally aware of what you’re allowing to be done with your information. With more than 100,000 individual wallpaper designs, optimized for each model of iPhone, you are bound to find something in here you like enough to shove on your home and lock screens.
These wallpapers, icon skins, and app shelves will transform your iPhone’s home screen or lock screen.
This app has high quality wallpapers optimized for your iPhone, all divided into categories for easy browsing. Boasting its own library of free music and easy editing tools, this app is a pleasure to use.
Test the performance of your iPhone and compare the results with top devices on Android or Windows with 3DMark. You can get an accurate read on processor and memory performance with this all-encompassing series of benchmark tests. GFXBench is a new name for GLBenchmark 2.7, a 3D benchmark designed to measure gaming performance.
The new Mobile Share plans on AT&T and the Share Everything plans on Verizon include the personal hotspot feature at no additional charge.
This doesn’t turn the hotspot on in one tap, but it is a quick shortcut to the Personal Hotspot settings. There is no fix for this issue without jailbreaking and using a third-party personal hotspot app, but this is against Straight Talk’s terms of use and excessive data usage could result in warnings or getting disconnected.
Apple shows a blue bar that announces how many devices are connected, but there is no way to see which devices are connected to an iPhone personal hotspot or to individually manage them. Is there a charge for using personal hotspot to be connected with my I Pad mini in order to get Internet on the I Pad mini where I’m at a no wifi area????
If you are using the tether, then you are online with another device, what are you worried about the banner for? The 4S only allowed one device at a time and would disconnect when a call came in while the Samsung galaxy 3 allows 10 devices at a time. You can easily check it by turning off the wifi, making it 1 connection, after which you should still be connected to the internet. On the settings screen where it should say cellular data I have mobile data and then no hotspot option… Before I could connect with several. It will connect via bluetooth but not with USB like before, and it seems to cut out via bluetooth when i do get connection. Everything seems works fine on my phone, my internet data, my wifi but once that I wanted the others devices find my phone on wifi (like my computer or my tv) they don’t find it! So unless I have a usb cable I can use my hotspot, but I would like to connect more than one devices and be able to connect without using the usb cable. These are our favorite apps for sitting back and enjoying movies, TV, books, news, radio, podcasts, music, sports, and games.
For $9 a month, you can stream all your favorite Starz shows like Outlander and Power without a cable subscription. It’s the best streaming service around with thousands of movies, TV shows, and original shows like Orange is the New Black. Anytime you’re wondering about an actor or director of a movie or TV show, this is the app that will help you find out. This app helps sort of what you have seen, want to see, and provides details about every film.
The app is basically a community of readers, suggesting great books and discussing plotlines.
It has all the big titles, including the entire Game of Thrones series and scores of bestsellers. It’s as good as any other, but the downside is that your books will only be readable on Apple products. The app not only has a cool icon, it also offers free access to the most important news stories of the day from the newspaper and other sources. The app puts everything in one place and you can customize the types of articles you see to suit your liking.
It’s the reigning king and a best first app for those delving into digital news reading.
Beats also offers music discovery tools and curation that promises to beat the competition.
The iOS app gives access to favorites, playlists, trending audio, and lets you follow and listen with friends.
Its SportsCenter app is the best place to keep up to date with sports scores from all your favorite professional or college teams on the go. It keeps track of scores, news, and everything much like ScoreCenter, but with a different look and feel that we prefer (at times).
You can dress up your mii and play mini-games, but where it really shines is the ability to add friends in person and through social media networks. It’s a series of boss fights where you strategically swipe to dodge, slice, and shield yourself from large villains.

The game reads like a mystery novel with puzzles and a healthy dose of intrigue to propel you through this unorthodox thriller.
Zodat gebruikers kunnen nu genieten van meer spannende video's en films levendiger en levendiger op het grote scherm . Zodat gebruikers kunnen nu genieten van meer spannende video's en foto's levendiger en levendiger op het grote scherm . Dus de game liefhebbers kunnen nu genieten van meer spannend spel scenes levendiger en levendiger op het grote scherm . So there are 4 versions of user’s manuals: EZCast manual for iOS, EZCast manual for Android, EZCast manual for Windows, and EZCast manual for Mac OS. Click [Photo] to browse the pictures saved in your Android device, and click the thumbs to mirror the pictures on HDTV or projector. SettingsTo use virtual wireless remote controller to change the move direction, the center button [OK] is to confirm. EZCast can also work as a bridge between your wireless hotspot and your smart device for internet access. EZCast WiFi display adapter will check and compare the firmware version and upgrade automatically when a newer version is available. Below are some apps to help you secure your phone, track your phone (if it gets lost or stolen), get some basic stuff done, change your wallpaper, change your ringtone, find out how fast your phone is, and change your browser. Protect your credit card info, passwords, and browser log-ins with military grade encryption.
File This removes the annoying paper part of the equation and digitizes your documents and filing cabinets.
Onavo Extend works in the background to manage your data usage and find you ways to save so you don’t get hit with usage charges. This app gives you the power to customize the icons on your homescreen to give them the look and feel that you prefer.
You can create ringtones for different types of alerts, apply filters, and easily share your creations. Be careful as tethering, as this is often called, can use data much faster than on the iPhone.
If there is no Personal Hotspot option in iOS 6 you will need to follow these steps to reset iOS 6 hotspot settings. You need to check your data plan to see how much meg you are signed up for in a given month.
Since the hotspot is password protected I assume (THERE’S my problem) that it’s not someone else on this train! When i called att, they said i need to changed my plan from unlimited to limited plus tethering.
I don’t want to give up my unlimited, and frankly it will be even more useful with multiple devices. Simple to connect through Bluetooth and I have plenty of data which was otherwise not being used up each month. I manage so many phones types for different people at work and when I forgot how to do this and a quick search for the answer and there it is. All you need is an iOS device and an Internet connection. The company plans to add tons of movies to the service soon, too . Choose which shows to follow and the app will provide information and video supplements as they’re released.
You can get personalized recommendations to find what to read next, keep a wish list of books, rate and review your favorites, share notes as you read, and join the online community of bookworms. A simple refresh will bring up new stories throughout the day, and you can read briefings for different times of day. You can also check out the menu to see only quizzes, what’s trending, or news if you want to hone your search.
Partners include NBC News, Medium, USA Today, TIME, Bleacher Report, Quartz, VICE, Reuters, AP, Perez Hilton, and more. The powerful podcast player gives you access to your content to listen anywhere, online and off.
It’s great, but again, completely up to your service provider whether you have access at all. Het is nu niet aan het kleine scherm staren en kijk naar de foto's en afbeeldingen eenzaam of samen kraaide . Click [Back] to back to previous screen, or click [keyboard to enable virtual keyboard and input password. Your activities will sync across all your devices, even if they’re Windows 10 machines. Just select a song or record audio with the iPhone’s mic and then cut it into a short clip. Also when someone else is using the hotspot can the person continue with regular online access on the phone?
I only want to have my iPad be able to use it, I should have purchased the wifi version but I did not.
My question is If I move up to the Iphone 5, can I link my pc to the phone with out needing the extra hot spot that I am paying for? When I dropped the connection on my droid, her laptop found the network right away and automatically connected. Het is tijd voor een betere ervaring en het delen van foto's en foto's met vrienden en familie .

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