Windows 7 customers that upgraded to Service Pack 1 (SP1) and are looking to change the language of the user interface using Multilingual User Interface (MUI) packs, will still need to be running either the Enterprise or the Ultimate editions of the operating system. Windows Language Packs are exclusive to the high end SKUs of Windows 7, and this detail did not change when Microsoft released SP1. Furthermore, the MUI language packs can still only be accessed as updates for the operating system.
The software giant is also offering Language Interface Packs (LIPs), but these are limited in reach in comparison to MUI language packs, while still having very specific requirements, being available only in relation to a main language, as an added localization option.

I for one never understood the limitations in terms of localization that Microsoft imposes on Windows 7 users.
In fact, all there restrictions seem artificial to me, especially since Windows is being hailed as an international product.
With customers increasingly travelling abroad, and buying computers in different markets, changing the language according to their preferences should be a default feature, not a luxury.
Ik geloof dat er in totaal 38 verschillende taalversies zijn, variërend van (uiteraard) Engels tot Hebreeuws en van Pools tot traditioneel Chinees.

Vroeger (voor Windows Vista) moest u een nieuwe versie van Windows kopen én installeren op een aparte computer, als u bijvoorbeeld eens wilde wisselen van Nederlands naar Engels, of naar een andere taal. Taalpakketten zijn niet zelden 100MB of groter, dus het downloaden en installeren kan wel enige tijd in beslag nemen.

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