Join APMG and the Change Management Institute UK Chapter for a free webinar on Thursday 5th May. Dealing with change and more importantly, the impact of change is a high priority for all organizations. APMG’s refreshed Change Management certification is fully aligned with the change management body of knowledge. The Change Management certification is delivered by APMG’s Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs). Understand the human side of change and know how to help people deal more effectively with change, maintaining their commitment and bringing them successfully through the change process.
Understand the various types of change that affect organizations, and know how to draw on a range of professional approaches to support the effective delivery of the organization’s desired outcomes from each change initiative. Know how to identify and work with the stakeholders in a change initiative, and how to plan, execute and measure the effective communications required to build and maintain their engagement.
Know how to assess the impacts of change, to develop effective change teams and to recognize and address resistance to change.
Understand the process of sustaining change and know how to embed a change initiative as the new ‘business as usual’. Build the organization’s capability and capacity to deal successfully with change, improving agility.
Minimize risks (costs, delays, loss of employee engagement, reputation) associated with failed initiatives. Align change initiatives with established, process-driven methods (like PRINCE2® and MSP®) to develop a unified approach to change.
Develop and sustain employee commitment and alignment with organizational purpose during times of change. Build and maintain the engagement of internal and external stakeholders with new initiatives. Manage more effective change communications with internal and external constituencies so that change is understood and supported. Improve assessment of change impact, integrated change planning and successful embedding of change into the life of the organization. The purpose of the Foundation certification is to confirm that a candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of Change Management to work as an informal member of a team working on an organizational change initiative.
The purpose of the Practitioner certification is to confirm whether the candidate has achieved sufficient know-how to apply and tailor Change Management guidance in a given organizational change situation. A successful Practitioner candidate should, with suitable direction, be able to start applying the Change Management approaches and techniques to a real change initiative - but may not be sufficiently skilled to do this appropriately for all situations. The Change Management Examination Board has determined that all Change Management Practitioners should be re-registered within 3-5 calendar years of their original certification (failure to pass the Re-registration Examination after 5 calendar years as a Registered Practitioner will result in withdrawal of your registered status).
Those who qualified after August 2013 or have voluntarily undertaken the re-registration certification are designated as Registered Practitioners, which enables employers and prospective employers to be confident with their recency of knowledge and commitment to Continuing Professional Development.
Many Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) offer briefing sessions to bring you up to date and help you to prepare for the examination. Many organizational change management initiatives fail because people do not know where to start or how to sustain change. What is Change Management?  Stated simply, it is the transition of individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a future state with the least amount of resistance. Upon completing these requirements you will be awarded Acuity Institute’s Change Management Professional Certification.
The Change Management Certification Exam is the standard for Change Management Certification.
The exam is administered online. Students will need to have an active internet connection to complete the exam. Take a tour of our online global campus and learn more about the benefits of our online training.

An important element of thoroughly understanding the key concepts and principles introduced in this course is the ability to demonstrate application beyond the online lessons. The simulation is based on a hypothetical company, Simco International or “SI” that faces many of the same problems companies are dealing with today. Through our experience we have assembled the Change Management Toolkit which assists practitioners in keeping focused on Change Management and not creating templates.  No other Change Management training provider offers a comprehensive Change Management Toolkit such as ours. The Change Management eBook (electronic copy) contains much of the same content as the online instructional materials.
As an option, students can purchase the Change Management printed course book. The printed course materials contains over 285 pages of Change Management theory, practice exercises, project simulation, tools and techniques.
Who We AreWe are a global leader in providing Lean Six Sigma, Lean, Change Management, and other Leadership Development training and online certification courses.
What does an elephant, a stop light, and a shopping cart have to do with Change Management?
ChangeQuest was founded in 2005 by Ranjit Sidhu, following over 20 years' training and consulting with organisations seeking to improve project and change management capability.
Ranjit Sidhu and ChangeQuest have been accredited to deliver APMG-International's Facilitation Certification, Agile Project Management and Change Management qualifications. Delegates have told us that the two key things that make this course so valuable are also what make it challenging, and able to really stretch people as they build their confidence with the new materials.
The content covered aligns with the Body of Knowledge for Change Management (CMBoK) – based on several years of research from the Change Management Institute.
There is a fairly equal mix between change management theory, and practical tools and ideas. Typically, delegates have said they enjoy and get a lot of benefit from the practical aspects and exercises. The course intentionally does not lay out a prescriptive set method, instead it offers a high-level framework that can be adapted.
Every course is different because people bring their own stories – which enrich discussions and add deeper insights to the material. If you would like to join me on the journey, the next course is running 21st – 25th September.
By passing both Foundation and Practitioner examinations – candidates will have acquired the knowledge needed to receive CMI’s ACM (Foundation) accreditation. The Foundation certification is also a pre-requisite for the APMG Practitioner certification. Their individual Change Management expertise, complexity of the change initiative and the support provided for the use of Change Management approaches in their work environment will all be factors that impact what the Practitioner can achieve. This Re-Registration comprises a 1.5 hour examination set at the same standard as the Practitioner examination. Details of the training organizations can be found via our Accredited Organization Search Facility. We are a Qualified Education Provider™ by the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP®).
Our program has been designed to provide Change Leaders running organizational projects with the tools and skills to initiate change in a project environment.
We recommend it to Project Leaders, Department Leaders, Business Leaders, Business Improvement Team Leaders, Emerging Leaders, Business Improvement Teams, and Change Practitioners.
Upon completing training, students will be required to achieve a passing mark of 80% or higher on the exam. The exam is intended to validate student proficiency with Change Management tools and techniques. The simulation is designed to illustrate the entire business improvement effort through each phase of Change Management. No other Change Management course offers a comprehensive simulation such as ours which includes numerous project deliverables, challenging analysis, and a Change Management tollgate review. The eBook includes over 285 pages of Change Management theory, practice exercises, project simulation, tools and techniques.

Our mission is simple; provide world-class leadership training and coaching solutions for business professionals. Ranjit observed that rigorous project processes and technology weren’t enough for success – excellent communication and interpersonal skills were critical to all projects. I recently wrote a blog for APMG International containing some reflections and observations from running this course with 6 very different groups, and I’d like to share these with you too.
Delegates say it can seem daunting when they first receive their copy of The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook, the source book for this qualification. It incorporates topics from different disciplines such as organisational development, the social sciences, and project and programme management.
From the people perspective, it looks at what causes resistance and anxiety, and describes motivation theories for supporting individuals through change.
They see that there are a lot of theories and models to learn, which can feel heavy going at times, but they recognise that knowing the theory helps them understand how the practical bits come into play and how best to apply them. The nature of change can vary so much, along with the complexity triggered when dealing with people impacted by change.
Especially when there is so much to do and tight deadlines are looming, or when people have been used to working in very structured, process-oriented environments. They offer successful candidates a simpler route to personal accreditation, with only the experience element to complete. Successful candidates will have fulfilled the knowledge requirements for Change Management Institute accreditation. It delivers best practices for both tactical and behavioral elements of change from leading experts in a practical and simple way.  It demystifies change by providing students with a superior interactive Change Management Toolkit which leads practitioners through all phases of the process. At Acuity Institute we recognize that not every individual has the opportunity to complete an actual project while completing training, therefore we have created a real world simulated project that takes students from the beginning to the end of a problem and solution. Students complete 12 challenging exercises (project deliverables) which build on previously learned tools and concepts taught in training.
The eBook is fully searchable and contains many links to assist students in quickly navigating to key tools and concepts. ChangeQuest’s training offers a powerful base of traditional project management skills, blended with a deep understanding of the behavioural issues behind communication and change management.
The course also shows how different types of organisational cultures emerge and can be propagated. It builds a solid foundation of change management know-how and equips people with a rich toolkit for managing change. I thought the journey finished 3 months ago, when this course was launched, but that’s not the case at all. The simulated project helps to build the students understanding of the concepts taught in training and provides practical application of the tools. The eBook allows students the ability to capture notes and comments within the eBook for future reference.
They can draw on the wide range of tools, techniques and checklists as needed, for whatever type of change that comes up.
It depends on factors such as the type of change, the culture that you’re working in, the wider organisational context and constraints, the extent of the impact on people and so on. It’s not until day three or four of the course, that all the pieces start to slot into place and the bigger picture becomes clear. This body of knowledge now provides an independent benchmark for the professional knowledge expected of an effective change manager.
Students complete the course better prepared to apply what they have learned in the real world.

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