Over the years, I’ve developed a set of activities and templates to help clients plan ahead to reduce obstacles and deal effectively with challenges when they do happen.
The Irresistible Change Guide provides a straightforward model for thinking about and organizing your change efforts. If you are responsible for changing the way other people work without being their boss, then this guide is written especially for you.
A human resources executive identified why their HRIS implementation had stalled, and developed a way to successfully reboot the project. A program manager felt her job was in limbo until she used the Irresistible Change Guide to identify how to gain sponsorship and and leadership support for her initiative.
An operations team recognized that improving quality was going to take more than process improvements.
A Lean Six Sigma trainer licensed the Irresistible Change Guide to help clients implement their training once they went back to work.
After working with people in roles as diverse as HR, IT, strategic planning, project management, process improvement, sustainability and change management, I’ve discovered that every change agent faces common challenges, and the approaches to overcoming them is the same. While there is no one size fits all prescription, the Irresistible Change Guide helps you ask and answer the questions that will help you and your team customize the solutions to the change you seek to implement in your organization. Check out the sidebar to see what other change agents have said after using the Irresistible Change Guide. Two years ago, I introduced this methodology in the Irresistible Change Guide™ — published in a giant 3-ring binder.
No matter which option you choose, the time you will save by using the templates is worth more than the price alone, but the real value of the Irresistible Change Guide is the impact you will make by bringing about results.

Please note:  While many of the templates are self-explanatory, the instructions for filling out the templates are contained in the workbook. The Irresistible Change Guide Toolkit combines the spiral bound workbook plus the templates and saves you $25! Note: If you are a consultant or training organization interested in using the Irresistible Change Guide™ as part of your services, or if you are building an internal change methodology and would like to incorporate all or part of the Irresistible Change Guide™ into your approach, please contact me for bulk pricing or licensing. Sign up to receive Enclaria news via email and get 12 FREE pdf templates from the Irresistible Change Guide. Used by successful individuals and organizations around the world, Changemethod gives you everything you need to lead, plan, implement, measure and sustain your organizational change program.
The Future State Interview Guide tool provides a framework of ten key questions and a summary template which you can use to elicit information to support the change vision and the future state of the organization. Use the tool to build a picture of the diverse views of what’s driving the change, what the future should look like and the key enablers as well as barriers to change. Change management is a strategy put in place to protect both parties if any changes are made to the requirements of the contract and project. In construction, there are many variables to consider, and it is very possible that changes will be made to the likes of drawings, materials and site conditions, to name a few. The main aim of any of these documents is to mitigate a reasonable amount of risk from the contractor in terms of time and cost – therefore it is even more important to have a good professional relationship with both the client and supplier. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. My approach focuses your effort on the things you need to do so your change initiative can continue making progress, without getting stuck.

It includes more than 35 exercises and templates to help you clarify your change, uncover and reduce resistance, gain support, and design ways to influence change on large and small scales. As a result, they were able to anticipate resistance and develop a program that successfully addressed it. No matter what your change initiative is or what role you play in the organization, this workbook will work for you. Many change agents still struggle to figure out how to translate those principles into specific steps they can do themselves. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to answer them for you. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, return the workbook within 30 days to receive a full refund. For this reason, we would like to clear up some jargon before delving into further details.
The Irresistible Change Guide bridges that gap with exercises that help you apply the principles to your unique situation.
A change management strategy is made up of tools which fall into two divisions; upline and downline.

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