Used by successful individuals and organizations around the world, Changemethod gives you everything you need to lead, plan, implement, measure and sustain your organizational change program. Almost all change initiatives have some implication for the architecture of an organization, whether limited to reworking role descriptions following a process change or rolling out a whole new operating model to support the merger of two organizations. The processes contained within this best practice area define the implications of the change program for the organization structure, and aligns the organization to the future business processes. How should we arrange ourselves – our structure, processes and systems – to support the changed way of working?
If project managers view the change management methodology as a responsibility of HR and not part of their own accountability for the project-- yes, you guess it! If you are a project manager, a change agent, or a sponsor, your change management methodology should serve as a "practical guide" to where you are spending your resources and energy for your organizational change.
Does your change management methodology address these questions in a practical, fit for purpose way? Moreover, having a positive momentum around a new solution and it’s Go-Live date does not bring any value unless the changes in process, behaviour and even culture persist over time.

Changes in how, where and with who people will have to work and collaborate are perceived differently and in different pace by every employee in your organization. Although these disciplines are strongly related and should be considered as a whole, a significant valuable contribution can made to the CRM project by organizing only a selection of these services.
In order to mitigate this risk a cast of characters will need to bring different skills together to support the organization’s individuals moving from old ways of working to new. Each of the roles describe responsibilities and skill-sets which can then be assigned to an individual and associated with processes and deliverables. Identify requirements; analyze and design new business processes, performance goals and metrics. Gather information from across the organization to support development of deployment approach and plan; support the deployment lead and others to execute the deployment plan. As the change will happen regardless if people are ready, you’ll need to think ahead, plan and manage this appropriately. Founded in 1994, Prosci is the world leader in research on Change Management best practices and its applications worldwide.

This includes moderating all workshops and creating the deliverables required to plan and execute all change management activities. As each change is different and also depends entirely on the context, culture and history of an organization, it can only be performed successfully in an entirely custom made plan that is drawn up together with the customer as soon as possible. This pack contains: 21 cheat sheets built around 6 areas of change management best practice. An individual may be associated with one or more roles and a role may also be shared by more than one individual. When a Change Management plan is already available this includes alignment with the Sure Step activities.

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