At Aphelion we have developed a structured Organisation Change Management methodology to bring a clear comprehensive yet simple and practical methodology for all of our engagements. These methods have been successful in Change programmes we have delivered for our clients and resulted in change being adopted quickly in a short period of time.
Aphelion Resonate a„? methodology provides guidance on how to support organisational change management on any process or technology project.
The benefits of using Aphelion Resonate a„? methodology are simple a€“ rapid adoption of change with quick measurable results. Moreover, having a positive momentum around a new solution and it’s Go-Live date does not bring any value unless the changes in process, behaviour and even culture persist over time.
Changes in how, where and with who people will have to work and collaborate are perceived differently and in different pace by every employee in your organization. Although these disciplines are strongly related and should be considered as a whole, a significant valuable contribution can made to the CRM project by organizing only a selection of these services.
NTT DATA’s Organizational Change Management methodology supports a holistic approach to change management, addressing and aligning all the components required to achieve meaningful, sustainable change.
School District Establishes an IT CMONTT DATA Advisory Services partnered with the 2nd largest US public school district to support its IT transformation.

As the change will happen regardless if people are ready, you’ll need to think ahead, plan and manage this appropriately. Founded in 1994, Prosci is the world leader in research on Change Management best practices and its applications worldwide. This includes moderating all workshops and creating the deliverables required to plan and execute all change management activities. As each change is different and also depends entirely on the context, culture and history of an organization, it can only be performed successfully in an entirely custom made plan that is drawn up together with the customer as soon as possible.
Our OCM specialists will help you align desired changes to key components of your organization, understand the impacts of those changes, ensure engagement, and prepare stakeholders.
Ensure alignment across organizational components to the desired business strategy and benefits.
Ensure understanding of, readiness for, and sustainability of changes needed to achieve desired results.
Establish or enhance your organization’s change management capabilities and methods for use within and across initiatives. Our two core projects aimed to integrate SAP Financials and Procurement and provide an integrated student information system.

When a Change Management plan is already available this includes alignment with the Sure Step activities. In addition, we help you develop or further enhance your internal change management and enablement capabilities. Our OCM playbook provides the methods and tools to support organizational change management – facilitating change and ensuring alignment.
With a Change Management Office, you have a framework to effectively manage change across multiple initiatives and capture best practices for future efforts. To manage change across these initiatives, we developed and established a Change Management Office using a customized OCM playbook.
The playbook established the framework, methodologies, tools, and processes used to support IT transformational projects.
We also provided oversight and validation of the client’s implementation of these activities, spanning 40,000 internal and external stakeholders.

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