Change management is a critical part of any project that leads, manages and enables people to accept new processes, technologies, systems, structures and values. Daily Outsourcing TipEvaluate the vendors' technical prowess, processes and facilities and specialties.
Economic downturns, fast rising new competitors, and even climate change, can force companies to scale down, engage in mergers & acquisitions, or transfer to a new location. In the past, chief executives would already be content when their company could adapt to change quickly. That space, that perceived brief gap, when products and services are delivered at subpar levels can be enough to provide your competitors with the golden opportunity. That’s why, when we deal with the challenge of implementing a large-scale business change, we see to it that our clients are given enough room to carry out the changes they need while delivering their products and services at service levels that are acceptable to their customers.
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Deze afstandelijke houding kan zelfs tijdens het project een negatieve sfeer creeren, waardoor het hele project in gevaar komt. De projectmanager zorgt ervoor dat het projectresultaat beantwoordt aan de doelstellingen welke zijn geformuleerd in de project charter. In deze problematiek komt het belang van een PMO (Project Management Office) of andere coordinerende cel naar voor. De change manager zorgt er ook voor dat de implementatie van het project resultaat ook soepel verloopt. We provide direction, guidance and innovative services to support and enable the successful execution of change management to turn your vision and objectives for major strategic initiatives into operational reality.
Atkins offer a unique combination of change readiness assessments, programme management and transformation support intervention processes which makes us a versatile strategic partner in the delivery of your business and operational change.
Our experience in change delivery management spans both private and public sectors over many years.
Establishing the reason for change and generating a sense of urgency whilst creating a guiding coalition to drive the change.
Changing systems and structures that will undermine the vision and continuing to communicate tirelessly with stakeholders whilst empowering individuals and teams to act.
Ensuring support for the change continues over time until it is embedded and becomes the way of working. In the Sector and Service part of the website, relevant regional contacts have been identified.
Most computers will open PDF documents automatically, but you may need to download Adobe Reader. Im Kern steht der Service Lifecycle und 27 Prozesse, die als Management Prozesse der IT gelten.
It’s the set of activities that helps people transition from their present way of working to the desired way of working. These unforeseen events are so overpowering, that your business will have no choice but to succumb to deep, company-wide changes.

That is, the sooner their company adapted to the required changes, the faster it could go back to performing its business processes. In most cases, it would take days, weeks or even months before business processes could resume normally. The moment you get back up and running, a sizable market share may no longer belong to you. Men heeft als projectmanager de verantwoordelijkheid om voldoende duidelijke informatie te bezorgen aan alle stakeholders (zie artikel “Stakeholders: Wie zijn ze, wat drijft hen?“). Zij hebben geen weet van de huzarenstukjes die het projectteam heeft gerealiseerd om dit resultaat te bereiken.
The result is an experiential knowledge base that we can mine as required – to empower and enable you in the design, planning and management of transformative change. Promoting, reinforcing and rewarding success linked to the vision ensures the benefits are measured and managed and therefore realised. Sie ist ein umfassendes Prozess-Framework, welches den Anspruch auf VollstA¤ndigkeit erhebt. The focus of change management is to address the people and organizational factors that will both drive and obstruct change throughout the organization.
However, every once in a while, a company may be forced to take complex, large-scale business changes that require a complete overhaul of processes, tasks, personnel and technologies. De meeste projecten hebben als doel om een bepaalde situatie te optimaliseren en dus knelpunten weg te werken. Als de negatieve perceptie niet tijdig wordt gestopt, kan men in een situatie verzeilen waar elke positieve oplossing een druppel op een hete plaat is. Dit omvat tal van facetten : zorgen voor betrokkenheid en draagvlak, communicatie, training, testgroepen, nazorg, enz. Zij zijn weinig of niet geinteresseerd in de budgettaire complicaties, maar wel geinteresseerd in de positieve elementen dat het projectresultaat zal opleveren in hun eigen, persoonlijke werksfeer. Assessing the organisation’s readiness for change and planning action accordingly alongside workstreams and projects whilst providing leadership and direction.
The ultimate goal of any change initiative is to ensure everyone in the organization is ready, willing, and able to appropriately perform their role in the new environment. Een groot deel van het project succes zit hem in de implementatie van de eind oplossing in de gebruiksomgeving. Een deel komt voort uit onwetendheid of angst die ontstaat via foutieve informatie of speculatie door onduidelijkheden.
Niet alle organisaties nemen dit stukje informatie mee op in de projectbeschrijving, waardoor de projectmanager niet altijd op de hoogte is. Wat is de impact van het ene project resultaat op het andere?  De PMO verantwoordelijke of een change manager kan hier een oplossing bieden. Het is de taak van de change manager om deze positieve beleving zo maximaal mogelijk te benadrukken. This series of articles provides guidance on change management for organizations that are specifically undertaking or contemplating a shared service or business process management (BPO) initiative.

Reeds van bij aanvang (idee vorming en uitwerking) wordt rekening gehouden met de eind omstandigheden om een soepele integratie mogelijk te maken, doch er is nog steeds ruimte voor verbetering. Deze kijkt niet inhoudelijk naar 1 project, doch naar de synergie en symbiose van alle projecten samen in de gebruiksomgeving.
These include: Managing the effective planning of the potential redeployment, relocation and release of staff.
Scheduling change to minimize the impact on the business units to enable maintenance of business as usual.
Building involvement in the development and delivery of SSC to create the understanding of the need for change.
Embedding the cultural change and ways of working associated with a shift to a more customer-focused support service.
Framework for Managing Change The extent of the change (both actual and perceived) and implications are significant.
Organization This covers design of the new world, including the operating model, organizational structures, role definitions, competency frameworks, and governance and decision-making frameworks.
Leadership This activity aims to clarify how the organization will be led, and to equip the leaders to carry out their leadership roles. People Capability This activity aims to establish the skills and competencies required for the new world, and how to meet those requirements, including skills audits, gap analysis, job and role definitions and career planning. Involvement of those who will lead the new organization is key to the success of this activity. It’s important to manage the expectations of all those impacted by the shared service initiative, so that they become accustomed to the idea that change will be a constant feature of the new model. Please note that in this example a Process and Technology stream is included for completeness, although this is not always included in a change management plan. The table below shows the types of activities that are undertaken at each stage in a program, for each stage in the change wheel. The Communication work stream is responsible for stakeholder management and communications at all levels within the organization, and for liaising with external communications as appropriate. This work stream starts at the very beginning of the initiative and continues through its life and is typically supported by one FTE. The Business Change work stream is responsible for implementing the agreed-upon changes across a range of disciplines. The work stream kicks off with early-stage activities such as change readiness assessment, and continues through the main implementation activities.
It’s typically supported by a small team of two to six FTEs depending on the size of the initiative.
The Training and User Support work stream is responsible for delivering the one-off and ongoing education and support necessitated by the changes.

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