The BlueSky Solutions team have experience in the Public and Private sectors and can offer assistance in all aspects of the above, undertaking a partnership approach with your staff to ensure there is a strong focus on Delivery.In this current climate BlueSky Solutions understand how important it is to utilise resources effectively and it is with this in mind that we promise to leave a legacy of best practice with your staff. BlueSky Solutions’ experience of delivering training ensures that our team has a culture of learning and teaching and that extends to our Change Management team. It’s been said that change is hard, that people fear change, and that change is the only thing in life you can count on. That’s all well and good, but none of that conventional wisdom tells us how, specifically, to adapt to, manipulate, control, and effect change. And there has never been a better time to use change management training principles in your business! Gone are the days of recession-proof companies, thirty-year careers, and family-owned dynasties.
Mike Hourigan is a  Change Management Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant and specializes in Change Management Training.
A Keynote Speaker can be the most important thing to pack for your next convention or association meeting.
The three things a keynote speaker wants to hear from his meeting planner to make his keynote speech a total success. Is there any doubt that in today’s era of rapid globalization and a volatile economic landscape could spell the end of your company if you act with yesterday’s logic? In the midst of the turbulence that Drucker and others refer to, your company can either ride above the heavy waves or get swallowed up by them.
Investors and potential clients want to know that your company can withstand whatever changes arrive, as the turbulence forces your enterprise to see the world in a different way and to do business differently to survive. To ensure that you will survive and that you can communicate your willingness to embrace the turbulence and true business culture shift of today, you will need first-rate change management training. Do a thorough analysis of your company and its needed changes, followed by a detailed planning process that will move your enterprise from its current state to its envisioned place in the business world.

Consistently communicate with stakeholders while maintaining a constant message of hope and anticipation.
Know your team, overcome resistance from employees by identifying the roadblocks to the needed change and focusing on resolving any relevant issues.
Train your people in the new way of doing business, specifically in how it will affect their day-to-day work and routine.
How to assert positive and convincing behavior, appearance and personal influence as a leader of change. Managing change successfully is a core skill for successful leaders, project teams and anyone needing to make change happen and influence others to change behaviour. This team has experience in developing and leading major business transformation initiatives through their full life-cycle, as well as providing business analysis and project Health Checks.
The goal of change management training is to ease transitions and develop methods for approaching, navigating, and employing change in a positive way. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average person changes jobs every four and a half years.
Employees who are concerned about company changes need to be educated and empowered to voice those fears and concerns.
Instead, change management training can be harnessed and used as a catalyst for spectacular results. Turbulence brings many challenges to companies of all sizes, from conflict management as leaders disagree on the proper direction for the future, to change implementation once a decision is reached. The right Change Management Training can make all of the difference as you steer your company into a merger or out of a partnership, into social media or out of a paper-based workflow. All successful change management involves constant repetition and honest responses to legitimate questions and concerns. This might involve the acquisition of new skill sets on your staff, or a complete re-training of personnel in using new technology, policies or processes.

Progress must be celebrated as both individuals and teams embrace turbulence and turn it into positive energy.
Prepare well for the turbulence of today and the change that will be necessary to grow your business. Pair that with the fact that Millennials tend to job-hop every two years, and it’s no wonder effective change management training is so desperately needed in so many workplaces! Change management training leaders must learn how to purposefully effect change instead of letting it affect them. Do they know for certain that you can compete no matter what culture shift threatens team readiness? It will also enable you to deal with conflict management as some resist change, and focus on the team readiness that you will need to survive and thrive.
Timelines for this training need to be carefully constructed and progress carefully measured. No successful enterprise waits until the change is completed before applauding the workforce’s efforts to adapt. Gain a better self-awareness as you undertake the best Change Management Training available. Proud to launch their new site - Mobile, Responsive, and focused on Brand and Differentiation! Establish a new platform for growth as you increase productivity and performance, even as turbulence swallows others.

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