Sometimes it becomes difficult to locate the actual position of your cursor as the thickness and the blinking rate becomes invisible. Like the earlier version of Windows 7, Windows 8 also includes accessibility options and programs that enables you to make your computer much easier to see, hear and use. Click on the drop-down arrow and select the Cursor thickness by changing figure from 1 to any greater number as per your compatibility.
If want to make the cursor blink much faster than it normal or change its Repeat Rate or Delay, then it can be achieved, go to Control Panel > Keyboard Properties.
Now, you can see that the mouse cursor thickness and blinking rate are much faster than before.
Upon following the steps described above you can easily change the speed and thickness of your mouse pointer in your Windows 8 computer. MelAus PartnersHOW TO CHANGE COMPUTER MOUSE POINTER To change the same way for years, most of us have become. Hello, this a review of the program by Mindsparks Interactive, called CursorMania or Cursor Mania. During the install process it will ask you if you want to make MyWebSearch, the default search engine, as well as the homepage. So to use the cursors on Cursor Mania, click on the "Cursor Mania" button on the toolbar and something like this will appear. Cursor Mania is the largest toolbar program in the world with the most selection and cursors. We got runescape, world of warcraft, pokemon, naruto, twilight, cute, animated, cool, glitter, sexy, and so much more cursors.

After using computer interfaces the same way for years, most of us have become accustomed to the standard options that come along with them.
To begin with, I am going to assume that you have not installed any third-party programs for managing your mouse pointer options. Now that you have Windows 7 configured so that you are using the default mouse settings, return to the Control Panel. Click the drop-down menu at the top-right corner of the window, next to View by,  then click the Small icons option.
Click the Pointers tab at the top of the window to display a new menu that you can use to select your preferred pointer settings.
Click the drop-down menu under Scheme to choose from one of the other default pointer sets available to you. However, if you want to go in a more unconventional direction, click one of the pointers in the Customize section of the window, then click the Browse button. After selecting your new pointer, click Apply, then click OK to begin using the new option. When you are windows with hazy or clumsy window it really becomes difficult to locate to where the mouse cursor is actually placed. This tutorial will tell you how to make your Windows 8 blinking cursor thicker, so that it can is visible easily. You are going to use a keyboard and mouse to navigate through the objects that you see on your screen, and there is a small icon on the screen that lets you know your current position on the screen. If you have, then you will need to uninstall that program before proceeding with this tutorial.

If you find a new scheme option that you are happy with, you can simply click Apply, then OK at the bottom of the window. This is the feature that allows you to choose any cursor or pointer that you want to use in your currently selected Windows 7 scheme. If you want to make other changes to your Windows 7 mouse pointer, you can also click the Pointer Options tab at the top of the window, then adjust settings like Motion and Visibility. Here is the tutorial how you can locate change the thickness & blinking rate of the mouse cursor to locate its position easily on a Windows 8 computer. This is the menu where you should go if you want to learn how to slow down or speed up your mouse pointer.
It is so ingrained in our habits that we think very little about using something different.
There have been some recent changes to the basics of the interface, with the introduction of touch-based tablet computers, but this system has been in place and virtually unchanged because it is a good system. But if you want to switch things up, or if you are simply looking for a better option, you can change the mouse pointer settings on your Windows 7 computer to use a different icon. You can learn the SQL server basic and advanced techniques and how to use sql queries from this tutorial.
You need to SQL Server installed on your computer if you have not, you can download its free express version.

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