Change your default language in Google Chrome,First of all download and install Google Chrome on your Desktop or Laptop you can change your preferred Language which is available on chrome setting. For example, I’m in Thailand so Google will offer me to download Google Chrome in Thai language. If I don’t manually change language to English on the download page, I will get an setup file which default language is Thai. The feature is useful for people who want their locality language as default language, however, some people may not want this.

On the left are screenshots for change language from locality language (in this example, it is Thai language) to English (United States). On right side – Web Content section (the second section from above), click on Languages and spell-checker settings (the last button in the section).
So you have to make sure the language selection is correct before downloading Google Chrome. If it doesn’t display in the language that you want, just change it to what you want before downloading as in the figure below.

I think it cause language like you said And i try your methode but problem still appear ?Y?› It look like font problem.Have any idea?
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