JotForm is a free online form builder which helps you create online forms without writing a single line of code. OK so here I am again, this either takes a long time to arrive or I'm doing it wrong, I have added a New Mail and switched from Auoresponder to Notification and nothing. I have a Contact Form, Enquiry Form and Job App that I have done and only the very first time did a contact form go through, so I don;t understand why they others aren't coming through or the same confact form again. Sorry for the inconvenience, can you please update us on how it's going with your email notification so we can assist you with your problem?

Just as the message implies above, sign into the new email address to retrieve the verification email, select the link provided, and log back into your UHR.
If you wish to contact someone for support, please consult either your invitation email or the "Support" section in your Universal Health Record as each medical facility may request that you contact them differently with questions about your information. You can edit how the email looks by editing your email notification settings - where you can even change the image and the sending address.
I notice you have other questions - please open a new thread for each by clicking this link - and we shall happily assist.

To find out what email address used for submission notifications clickA A "Reply-To and Recipient Settings" A button.

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