The thought of being impersonated and harassed online is a nightmare for many people, but for one New York woman, living alongside 'caricatures' of herself created by an 'obsessed, mentally ill stalker' is a daily reality.In a candid essay for Salon, Anna Katzen, the 25-year-old's pen name, reveals how for the past eight years she has lived with fake social media profiles, lurid blogs and embarrassing forum postings that use her pictures and full name. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. An unborn child faces being named Megatron a€“ thanks to an online campaign led by its uncle.
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Thread: Deceptive bill charges are getting more attention, but is enough being done about it?
Several days ago, Dish Network agreed with the Washington Attorney General to pay $2 million in reimbursement to Washington state customers. Dish claims that since the state of Washington raised business taxes, they were allowed to hide the increase outside of the total cost of TV packages. This comes on the heels of AT&T possibly over-billing prepaid customers on a regular basis. A 29-second call was put on AT&T?s Web site as a 1 minute and 2 seconds call In January of this year, US Cellular had to issue $50 million worth of what it calls ?reward points? to its customer base to make up for numerous billing problems. Back in 2010, Verizon was busted for over-billing wireless users through a $2 ?data fee.? The over-billing, first exposed by Teresa Dixon Murray at the Cleveland Plain Dealer, occurred whether or not users had consumed data ? and even impacted some people whose phones had been shut off. In fact, Verizon for several years denied the over-billing was even happening, before finally admitting the error and settling with the FCC to the tune of $52 million in late 2010. Last week, the FCC finally stood up to Comcast and ordered them to separate equipment and programming rates due to complaints from residents in Minnesota. Raquel Santiago has faced challenges with regards to permanently changing her name in City College Admissions and Records.
Raquel Santiago, a City College male-to-female transgender student, had her name-change process finalized last week by Admissions and Records after a five-year battle that included four court orders. Although Santiago legally changed her name in California in May 2007, her home state of Missouri has yet to recognize it, which prevents Santiago from obtaining a California ID.

At the request of Santiago, Liberal Arts Dean Bob Davis became involved in creating an administrative response to Santiago’s situation. The apparent lack of cohesion could be attributed to City College’s use of various computer and information technology systems, which operate separately.
The City College email database and the library’s computer system have caused Santiago particular frustration. The goal of the meetings “is to sunshine new processes for transgender and international students who wish to use new names,” said Davis. The first meeting took place in November 2010 and Davis hopes to have the new policies finalized by Spring 2012. I am just a Mom from the generation before yours, but I have watched what has happened since I was born in 1963, and I am very troubled.
First, you must realize that what was taken was originally given by God and cannot legally be taken by man. The name Truth Whisperer came from my dear friend who remembered the movie, The Horse Whisperer. On the following pages, I will be sharing art work and calendars that profoundly impacted my life as I was led to create them. I will be updating this site often and would love to interact with you through the blog and facebook.
The unnamed relative has set up a Facebook group called MY SISTER SAID IF I GET ONE MILLION FANS SHE WILL NAME HER BABY MEGATRON. Basically, Dish was raising rates by claiming a ?Washington surcharge? on bills but was not advertising this surcharge on the total cost of TV packages price. The Washington Attorney General rightfully pointed out that Dish is more than welcomed to recoup that money but they must do it through actual price increases and not hidden fees. As the Washington Post points out, this means that those customers? credit will be drained at unexpected rates without their knowledge. Many US Cellular customers were receiving multiple bills, having their phones disconnected, and a number of inaccurate and unexplained charges.

The bogus fee slowly began to gain attention from larger media outlets, the NY Times ultimately quoting a Verizon insider who claimed the company knew full well they were screwing customers over but chose to do nothing about it. As noted at the time, Verizon got off rather easy with that settlement, considering that some fifteen million customers had been charged at least $2 or more every month for several years leading to a grand total far higher than the $52 million settlement. Should these companies be legally required to detail out all charges on a bill so consumers can make better informed decisions on what services they wish to use? Without proper identification, City College refused to acknowledge the name change even when Santiago presented four court orders decreeing her name change valid.
A change made within one system does not necessarily mean it will be applied throughout all systems.
Although Admissions and Records have agreed to recognize her name change, her City College email and the library have not. Even though she enrolled under her birth-name, State changed Santiago’s name to her name-of-choice after seeing the first court order. I became, in effect, her antithesis -- reserved and self-loathing -- the type of person who intentionally tries to go unnoticed in life.'But try as I might to detach myself from my foolhardy past, its vestiges kept coming back to haunt me,' she writes. Dish Network will give existing customers who were over-charged a fee cash credit or access to free programming.
The Washington Post tried out a test themselves and found that a two-minute phone call was charged for three minutes. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, in some cases, customers waited at least five months for a corrected bill. Of course, when people started to realize these errors in early 2013, US Cellular issued a statement saying that they had fixed all the problems.

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