In this day and age, a Facebook name carries more weight and identity than a physical listing in the Yellow Pages. Perhaps you recently married and want to take on your significant other’s last name or want a way to better hide your online identity from prospective job employers. Here’s our guide on how to change your Facebook name no matter the embarrassing, lucrative, or otherwise smart decision for doing so. When finished, enter your password in the field below and click the blue Save Changes button. I don’t understand why the name is not accepted, see this list Why was my Page name rejected?. Since your page has more than 200 Likes you are unable to rename (re-brand) the existing page at this moment. If your business name has changed or you have been living with a misspelled Facebook page name, then there is now a simple way to request a Facebook name change for your Page.
In the past, you were stuck with whatever Facebook name you selected, but now if an organization rebrands, you can rebrand across social media in a much easier way. Having the right name, in particular your company name, as the name of your Facebook Page and URL is important as Facebook extends its use of Open Graph to make the connections and activities of people, pages and apps more prominent. We work on a mix of online marketing projects for publishers, educators, cultural and mid-size organizations. Vancouver internet marketing strategists with an expertise in online marketing for digital publishing.
I spent some time a couple of weeks back trying to figure out how to change the URL and I couldn’t. In case anyone else ever decides to change their name, this is how you need to do it in order for all the information to change.  Hope this helps someone as it took me like 2 weeks to figure out. Ok so I reverted back to my old store and now when I go into edit the name of my store with the one I changed it to originally it is telling me my store name cant be the same as another users name.
Many thanks for the info, I’ve been trying to update my url following a shop name change and it had me stumped for 3 hours.

In this guide check out how to change WeChat name associated with your WeChat ID been displayed on your phone. If you are new on to WeChat, the social network app that your friends are using, then here is our 101 guide on WeChat. Your online name serves as a portal of sorts, ushering friends and family to discover and navigate your timeline, while offering a touch of personalization in the form of additional nicknames, professional titles, and the like. Or you may decide you have a new-found fondness for your middle name or simply want a way to distance yourself from that horrendous alias that donned the top of your profile page throughout your college career.
Facebook supposedly requires each individual to provide his or her real name — something many people skirt around — but certain characters, punctuation marks, and inappropriate words will not pass muster regardless.
Launch your favorite browser and sign in to Facebook as you would normally, entering your email or phone number and providing your password before navigating to the homepage. The General Account Settings tab should open by default, but simply click the General option on the left-hand side to bring up the main interface if it doesn’t.
Click the blue Edit button in the top-right corner next to your name to access the main name settings. If you choose display your alternate name alongside your real name, it will appear to the right of your actual name at the top of your personal timeline and alongside your name in any search results or pending friend requests. Follow him on Twitter 21 comments and add yours You have a successful business page for your company, but your company name changed and you have more than 100 people following your page. De link die je hebt neergezet werkt niet, zou je mij kunnen vertellen hoe en waar ik het precies kan vinden?
I changed my company name but I need some assesment because im based in guatemala, do you provide name change services if i name you as an administrator? I am also the founder of the Social Media Club in the Netherlands and WordCamp Netherlands. Previously, Facebook provided no ability to change the Page name, which left organizations in this situation to rallying and encourage their fans to migrate from one page to another.
Your Facebook Page name is going to show up in more places more often with the new timeline layout.

After spending a long while doing research and coming up with nothing, I thought that perhaps the problem may be the fact that I had originally created the store with the old store design and tried changing it with the new store design.  I had nothing to lose so I reverted back to the old store. Once you get used of WeChat you might no longer need this reference guide as you will be by then a WeChat geek. Here in this guide of WeChat we go through guide on how to change the weChat name associated with your account or number. However, there are more plausible reasons than you might expect for changing your Facebook name to something more appropriately suited for you. Type in your desired first, middle, and desired last names before specifying your display name from the drop-down menu below the three text boxes. Similar to your actual name, your alternate name must adhere to certain alternate name policies to pass confirmation.
I would add that it does not change neither the owner nor the mission and activities is born. It said it could take up to 14 days and that I would receive an email but I haven’t gotten anything. In addition to announcing Facebook timelines for business pages yesterday, Facebook now provides a way to change your Facebook Page name.
So, if you have been living with a terrible name, a misspelling or now have a name change, take the opportunity to file your request. None of the options in their little box (why do you want to change the name) fits the reason we want to change..

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