Second Sync- Once you complete the Outlook backup and can login and see your email on Gmail, SEU IT will do the second sync and turn off your Exchange account.
Unless you use Microsoft Outlook for mail merge or functionality that's only available in Outlook, we recommend you use Google Apps for your email.
However, if you do want to continue to use Outlook as your email client, you can install an application called Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook as a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, or 2010. If you have previously used Outlook on this computer and want to transfer (import) your contacts, calendars, etc., click the box next to Import data from an existing profile and select your existing Outlook profile. After a user changes their campus password, users will have to re-apply their password to the Google Apps Sync (GAS) program.
When MS Outlook is opened, GAS will present a dialog asking for the user’s email address (it may already be filled in).

Afterwards the auto update is deactaivated per default for all new apps you want to download.
Because it's on the web and not on your local computer, it's one less program to back up and troubleshoot if something goes wrong. This enables you to import your local Outlook data (.pst file) into Google Apps so you can keep using Outlook to access your Google Apps mail, contacts, and calendar.
This will leave Contacts, Calendars, and Notes, Journal entries, and Tasks checked - these are the things you DO need to import. Your old mail will continue to be stored locally on your computer, so it won't be visible if you use the Google Apps webmail interface. After searching in the Samsung Galaxy S3 settings I found a useful setting within the Google Play Store.

Plus, it has several useful features Outlook does not have, such as online chat and the ability to retract a message if you hit Send by mistake.
You can begin using it immediately, but it may take several hours (up to a day) for ALL of your mail to synchronize. If you need webmail access to a locally-stored message, you can drag that message from your Outlook inbox to your Google inbox.

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