My cient was attempting to change his password from the normal password change screen under wp-admin.  When he attempted to reset his admin user password, a new password was sent, but the new password did not work. As a side note, his ISP had reported that certain scripts on his blog were open for vulnerabilities.
I suspected that the blog had been hacked and the password reset was sending to some nefarious web troll. The blog was back online and in full working order.  My client was happy and I am now on his blogroll. Although I have used WordPress to build a number of websites in the past, I recently discovered a problem where the layout of one of my latest projects was breaking when viewed in Firefox. WP Dude is my go-to for every WordPress need – advice, help with my sites, quick fixes, and ongoing security and backup.
I have a boutique WordPress website development and marketing company and once we complete websites we usually have a contract to continue to maintain them. Learn how to trouble shoot a problematic WordPress site with our free video training guide. Rescources with the granted role for the selected system group (ie Lupin Agronomy Admins in the snapshot). One of the best things you can do in regards to securing your hosting account is to regularly change the password for your account. Notice that you have to provide the Old or Current password in order to change the password.
As you type in a New Password the system will run checks to insure that the password is strong enough.

Once you have entered a good strong password that is accepted by the system the background of the text field will turn white and the image will change to a green check mark.
Here you can see that the entered password has been determined to be strong enough and can be used. Alternatively, you can use the Generate Password button which will bring up a new window where the server will automatically generate a good, strong password for you. From here you can choose options for how you want the password to be generated, what characters to include, and the length of the password.
When you have chosen a password that you like use the Use Password button which tells the page to use this generated password in the Change Password field. Once you have the Change Password form completed the way you want it, click on the Change your password now!
You now need to use this new password to log back into your control and for subsequent logins. An error message will appear at the top of the screen, if your new password does not meet the password requirements. After spending a frustrating afternoon trying to resolve the issue myself and getting nowhere, I decided to contact Neil. He has pulled the charred, smoking wreckage of my website from the digital jaws of death on more than one occasion.
This is fine for the most part but there are things that are is hard for me to track down and fix. I used you about 4-5 years ago and knew your work then was awesome… hasn’t changed a bit!

Mostly because I know just enough about WP to be a danger to myself, and tend to blow it up at rather inopportune moments.
With Neil’s team, they stay on top of keeping my site safe and are available to help when problems come up. Neil just tackled one of my tech support conundrums by helping me get a clients site to read 100% https on all browsers.
I would happily recommend Neil to anyone who needs some help with their site, and I am sure I will be using his services again in the future.
Neil is always there when the smoke alarms go off and the databases on my server are spinning themselves into a state of frenzy.
Also, it is recommended to change password after specific period like 15days or one month to be on safe side.
Then type your new Skype password (it can be 6-20 characters long) in the text box provided on the screen.4. Similarly, you can change and update your Skype account password anytime as per requirement in the future.More Related ReadingRecover lost Skype password, email ID Every Skype user account need an email ID used as username and a unique password.

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