To Change the name  Permanently is Easy You Just have to Create a Registry key, Make a Shortcut Of it and Place it in Startup Folder.
Step 2: After You Copy Paste The Above Code in notepad and Give the name of your choice to the processor, Its time to save it. Thats it now this Registry File Will Execute on Every Startup and The Processor name Will not Be Reverted Back. Did You Know?* Google got its name from the mathematical figure googol, which denotes the number 'one followed by a hundred zeros'. To make your computer processor look impressive you can edit your windows Windows XP registry.
Which Reverts back to Original Name When You Restart Your Computer, But today I will Show you How to Change it Peramanently.
Also Understand That \0 Should Be Present If Windows Stores your Processor name at that location. So, if you removed the shortcut from the start up folder your system will show the default processor name. Oracle VirtualBox and VMware do this job nicely on normal Intel based computers either desktop or laptop.

By editing registry for example you can change the processor name from celeron became dual core, core 2 duo, Quad core or other.I tested this registry hack to change processor types on my computer look impressive on Windows XP. Here is the way to download and install Windows 10 server OS (Technical preview as of now) as VHD format on VirtualBox and see the new features.
It might be able to hide some of your system info from prying eyes but if they dump your registry they’ll see the fraud. Once they have released the final paid version, still we will be able to download the final Operating System and use it for 6 months free. You must sign in to live account to download the file.Remember to get the product key of this particular VHD file. We have published a guide about how to install Windows 10 desktop OS on VirtualBox here.While creating the new virtual machine, select ‘Windows 10 (64 bit)’ as the guest OS version. Now browse and open the VHD file of Windows 10 server which you have downloaded from Microsoft site. I highly recommend to take a copy of the VHD file before attaching to virtual machine, because you will have the original VHD file future use.That’s it, the virtual machine is ready now. Since we have selected the Windows 10 OS as guest version, VirtualBox would change the other virtual machine settings accordingly.

But still you can enhance the settings, like increasing the processor cores, display memory size and more.3) Switch on virtual machine. Click on ‘Device’ and follow the below steps to install guest additions, reboot is required after the installation.With the above step, we have successful installed the Windows 10 server on VirtualBox with pre installed VHD file.
You can clone the virtual machine to create more similar virtual machines quickly with less disk space.How to Use Windows 10 Server VHD on VMware Workstation or VM PlayerUnlike VirtualBox, VMware doesn’t support VHD virtual hard disk format. Do check that guide to convert Windows 10 server VHD to VMDK and use it on VMware products, like VMware workstation, VMPlayer or vSphere.We hope this guide would be useful in setting up and installing Windows 10 server on VirtualBox and VMware by the pre installed VHD file from Microsoft site.
After installing VirtualBox guest additions and VMware tools on the virtual machine guest OS, you might be getting good display performance improvement, network support, USB 3.0 and more features.

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