Download Windows 8 Start Screen EditorWindows 8 Start Screen Editor is a free utility (from the makers of popular Windows 7 Logon Screen Rotator) that enables you change the Start screen background picture as well as the main background color with a click. Start screen editor also allows you change the main Metro background color (see the above picture). This article includes guidelines and instructions on how to configure windows firewall settings on a PC running on Windows 8. If you are looking to play this game in Windows 8 .for sure you have played it before in Windows 7. This is a good start but we need to know ALL the reg settings and ALL the folder locations ect so that we can manually, as needed, change the image to a custom one that we create, for the current user, and for all the users, or the default, or all of the above, not limits.
Feel free to learn more About me, Contact me if you need to, and ask to Advertise on the site if you think you're a good fit. You have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve posts before they are publicly available. The first panel in PC settings will be Personalize, where the pre-selected option would let you change lock screen background.
You can download a free e-book from our websiteas a learning aid for Windows 8 Operating system.

In my test, some GNOME Shell themes didn't work properly with GDM and caused it not to start, so I suggest you don't change the GDM GNOME Shell theme! Until GDM3Setup gets an option for this, you can manually change the GDM 3.6 grey background image. Like its name says, the grey image used by GDM 3.6 is a pattern, but you don't have to use a pattern and a regular wallpaper image works too. Windows 8 Beta is expected to come with an option to personalize the Start screen background picture and i add some cool pictures to add them in your background in last post. Run the tool, click on the current Start screen picture background to browse to the image file that you wish to set as Start screen background and finally click Patch button to apply the new background. First, the picture file must be in .PNG format and second, the height of the image file should be double than the screen resolution.
And if you  prefer a plain color to a picture, Windows 8 Start Screen Editor also helps you set a plain color as Start screen background.
We suggest you create a manual system restore point before running this tool so that you can easily revert to the original background without any issues. Click on Personalize and you’ll be able to see the images you can set as the background.

Your lock screen background’s been changed and you should be able to see the same by pressing Windows Logo+L keys together! The Microsoft way does not let you use custom pictures which is, of course, as usual, short sighted of them to say the least about it. All you need is a good image to be set as the background or choose one from the gallery, choice is yours. So in effect we need to know ALL the possible ways of taking full control of these images from MS, not just the very limited wizard they provide. Only use these features if you know how to restore everything to default without a working login screen.

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