So you're not satisfied with the five colors offered up with the iPhone 5c in the Apple Store?
The folks at ColorWare deal in peeling off and completely replacing the color-ready hardware bits of the device. This iPhone 5c customization arena allows users to send in their own device with a 2-3 week shipping period for a cool $249 USD. Choose a color – red, white, black, orange, yellow, green, silver, gold, light blue, dark blue, hot pink, soft pink, purple, and more. Where to go?  53 East 34th Street between Park and Madison Avenues.  We are on the 3rd floor.
Internet Explorer 9 review – new york internet setupInternet Explorer 9 is out.  Is it browser-worthy?  Should you use it?
Create a canned response in Gmail – a computerIf you receive too many e-mails for you to keep up with, you can now create a canned or set response to reply with.

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Made by Imgur user doomhandle, he spent the past year building an impressive 70 lbs Imperial Star Destroyer Tyrant.
There's one company that's ready to jump up on that opportunity as quick as possible - the customization group known as ColorWare. Here you'll find an entire replacement of the back panel for the iPhone 5c rather than a paint-job.
With the iPhone 5c, this means taking the pack panel, the home button, and the SIM card tray.
There's also the option of grabbing a brand new iPhone 5c through ColorWare for $949, this method working with a timeframe at about 3 weeks right this minute.

I noticed this sign when buying paper and ink, the two things Staples is really, well, worth making the trip for. Here are some of the colors they come in: Which means, if you're looking to only spend a few bucks, but have a different color, and also keep your unibody aluminum body, then why don't just get a color back?
This group is known for their high-end colorization of smartphones, tablets, accessories, and even high-end products like Leica cameras and the Segway. At the moment it would appear that they're only able to stick with the in-built original volume buttons and orientation lock key, on the other hand. Our phone repair guys have real-world experience of at least 7-8 years and you're allowing people to work on real phones with no actual experience?!

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