It’s always a great sign of recognition when an act gets picked to do the official charity song to spearhead a campaign. Little Mix definitely delivered on their debut album which was packed with infectious pop numbers. Last week Little Mix scored a Top 4 Chart position for their debut Album DNA on the US Billboard.
Really Little Mix have not had a hit record in the US to assist the reception of their debut album.

Sport’s Relief kicks off on 21st March this year and Little Mix have the honour of the doing the Charity single.
Whilst this was with only 50,000 sales, this is indeed an achievement for a virtually unknown act over those shores.
It’s a call to all the girls to join ranks with them in their killer heels, sneakers or pumps. Indeed it was such that it even broke a record set by The Spice Girls, who despite their mammoth success and hit record┬ádid not debut this high with their debut Stateside.

Their likeability and sassy but sometimes slightly off key styling only makes them more appealing. With a slight dearth in the girlband quota in the UK, Little Mix are a welcome act to try and take the crown in the field for the time being.

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