You now have the options to change your channel background color or set a background image under the 'Background' options area.
It's common for people who are serious about their videos to change their Youtube wallpaper. YouTube has announced that it will change its comment system so that posts by the video’s creator, popular personalities and those in Google+ circles will be given more weight, rather than the most recent moments. The change will also introduce new tools to help moderators to review comments before they’re posted, block certain words or save time by auto-approving comments from certain fans. Explaining the change in a blog, Nundu Janakiram, product manager, and Yonatan Zunger, principal engineer at YouTube, said: “Let’s say you’re watching a video from Justin Timberlake. Users will be able to start conversations which can be seen by everyone, or a select group, with replies threaded to allow users to follow conversations. This announcement comes a week after YouTube revealed plans to allow users to watch videos offline on their mobiles.

YouTube’s policies over fair use and free speech have quickly become the bane of the existence for those who use the website to earn money, with lawsuits coming in left and right over using clips of television shows and movies in videos. According to sources, the website will lock away the ad revenue a video generates once it has been flagged, and will give it to the rightful party once the legal disputes are finalized. And remember, freedom of speech and the press is an important thing, and it affects people on both sides of the argument. This Jersey Boy's a graduate of Rutgers University, but his heart will always belong to his hometown of Manhattan. Story Sources:We cross the four corners of the World Wide Web for interesting, thought provoking content. For a while, protests of fair use have become American media’s biggest trend since outsourcing acting jobs to the British. Without such sharing of media, we’d probably have to resort to paying money to go to the cinema for out entertainment.

Well, those in the opposition to current practices may be happy to know that YouTube has heard your prayers.
We plunder each and every corner of the World Wide Web for fun and interesting news that keeps you awestruck and always thinking. If you don't mind using a Youtube background image that someone else is already using, you choose from a host of premade one online.

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