Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software. Make sure that you have the correct gateway and netmask, and after setting your IP address information you click OK, then click Apply on the original network screen. When using a manually set IP address, Wifi will not connect to the Internet if you do not have a correct DNS address set in the left hand pane on the DNS tab in the Advanced settings section. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged macbook wifi or ask your own question. Why doesn't my MacBook Pro automatically reconnect to the Wi-Fi when resuming from sleep? What do you call a function that's pure, meaning the same input will always return the same output, but also has side effects?
Discouraged from giving A's, but students are doing excellent work, what can a professor do? Now, most of these proxies services often get shut down once they become popular, so there is no single name that I can suggest.
So, try the first few links in the Google search (the first one works most of the time) Paste the URL of the YouTube video in the search box present in proxy websites.
VPN or virtual private network is a popular way to bypass geo-restriction. Like proxies, VPN also spoofs your IP address and thus changing your location. I have been using this workaround for few years now, and it work for many popular video hosting services. So the way DNS unlocking works is quite different from what we have seen in VPN or proxies. Instead of changing your IP address (like what the VPN did) a DNS unblockers will override selected DNS entries. If you have done everything right, you’ll see a confirmation message and the option to change the country.
The introduction of the microprocessor, a single chip with all the circuitry that formerly occupied large cabinets, led to the proliferation of personal computers after 1975.
UXtheme patching FTWThe insane GPU temp is a result of a shoddy case plus summer heat, plus it is still cooling a bit after my last Synergy Co-Op session. OK Well Betacollector21 asked me to post a screenshot of the desktop on my computer so here it is. The goal is to have an ip address that never changes, even after reboot or changing to a different wireless network.
This means every app on your computer or smartphone can change its IP address. So if you want to stream other countries Netflix on your tablet, you will need a VPN.
First, install the tunnel bear from App store and log in to your account. Now, say you want to see what’s on in the Canada Netflix.
So once the connection is established and the video start playing, you can turn OFF your VPN and stream on your regular internet.
Though, I didn’t continue with the pro version as I use my Ipad or Macbook most of the time.
For computers generally referred to as PCs, see IBM Personal Computer and IBM PC compatible.
He works in Glasgow which goes some way to explaining why he was studying Street View images from the city in such detail.Thanks to the reflections in the building nearby you can see the Google Street View car heading towards the sign with no traffic ahead.
This will allow you to set an appropriate and usable static IP assignment in the wifi network you're trying to use this way, while still allowing dynamic assignment with DHCP in all other wifi networks.
Click OK and don't forget to click on the Apply button when returning to the main Network window. Waiting for the sixth season of the walking dead, while everyone else is already watching it?
Next, you’ll be given two IP address, you have to add them to the dns1 and dns2 entry of your router (or any device you want) Restart your device and go back to the official website once again. You should do this, as grabbing a random IP address in other networks can fail a number of ways, including being on the wrong network or trying to use an address already assigned to an active device.
And, while keeping your phone juiced is just about doable when you're at home or in the office, what if you're going for a hike?The good news is that there's an alternative source of energy available wherever you are: the sun. The thing idles at 85C.Desktop #1 LOOOOOOOONG CATSI cleaned up most of the icons for the picture. It's made from durable, lightweight fabric that's weather-resistant, so it should be able to cope with whatever you put it through.Its maker says the solar panels are super-high-efficiency, with a transfer rate of 22%.
I guess that's why you need to reghack to access Dreamscene function.GPU is idling at 88C and I just turned the computer on. There are concealed pockets, and quick-release shoulder straps, should you find yourself in what the official description calls 'tight situations'.If things get really 'tight' the main cavity even houses an optional Kevlar bulletproof Class IIIA panel.
And the bag is fully MOLLE-compatible, should you wish to integrate it with the rest of your military gear. This bag, designed by one Etsy user, can charge your phone while you work out.The Adidas bag has been modified to take a 6W solar panel, which can be clipped on or off as needed.
There's also a built-in 2600mAh battery, to hold the charge for when you're out of the sun.It also comes with a three-LED solar flashlight, just in case you need to find your way home in the dark after a late session at the gym.
So if it detects that you're wandering into the wilderness it can power you up to ensure you're able to call for help should you need it.It also has a proximity sensor, and will tell you if your phone moves a certain distance from you, alerting you to theft or misplacement.

And it can push alerts to your phone in the form of notifications.All this comes at a price, though.
It never matched Sony's PS2 sale for sale, but Microsoft was already looking to the future with its configuration. Xbox Live, in its earliest form, was already running rings around Sony's effort, while its internal hard drive (a first for consoles of the time) and powerful Nvidia GPU gave it all the chops Xbox needed to run multiplatform and exclusive titles alike with vigor.When Xbox 360 arrived in November 2005, it took all those concepts and made them all the more attractive. Xbox Live was retooled and redefined for a new generation where online multiplayer and co-op would become a standard, the GPU and processor were beefed up to support HD, higher framerates and larger worlds that required fewer loading times. In short, Microsoft had birthed a beast.Technically, the PS3 was a more powerful console - but gamers didn't really see the benefit of that processing power until late in its lifecycle with the likes of the last two Uncharted games. Even the red ring debacle, which saw thousands of consoles die due to motherboard overheating issues, wasn't enough to tarnish its memory and performance.
That's the kind of disaster that would have crippled most consoles, but the sturdy Xbox 360 survived. Better yet it thrived.Even its controller - a sleeker, more ergonomic design that was a world away from the clunky brick that came with the original Xbox - became a classic in its own right.
That's an undeniable testament to the goodwill the 360 inspired not just in players and critics, but in developers themselves.
Much like the Xbox, the 360 was designed with developers in mind, and such a design mantra secured its place in all our good graces.In a foreshadowing of the exchanged roles to come in a generation later, Xbox 360 pounded PS3 in almost every area. It arrived a year earlier, was cheaper to buy, had better overall exclusives (yes, I know, Uncharted was and is brilliant, but come on, Gears, Halo, Fable? No contest) and wasn't prone to online outages that saw untold amounts of private data hacked.Even something as simple as a UI was vastly superior. Sure, the original Blades were pretty naff but even they were better than the dross that was the PS3's XMB. Once Microsoft introduced the New Xbox Experience in 2008, the Xbox 360 became as intuitive as it was inclusive.
So, so much money.Indie indeedAnd while Sony continues to be lauded as the true patron of modern indie gaming, Microsoft had invested in this growing bedrock of the games development community for years. Xbox Live Arcade added a whole new dimension to your gaming library with everything from Trials HD to Bastion finding success on Xbox 360 first before anywhere else.Better yet, you could make your own game and submit it for sale. The likes of Steam have made non-physical media as commonplace as oxygen on the overclocked grasslands of PC, but they were a relatively new concept on closed-box machines in the mid '00s.
XBLA's Summer of Arcade drives (where a selection of up and coming titles were promoted and sold together at a discount) gave the likes of Trials HD and the like the platform to grow into the cult hits we know today.Lest we forget there was a time where practically every advert for the latest big franchise entry had a swooshing flash of green at the end of it.
The Xbox brand was everywhere - even the likes of Halo 3, Halo Reach and Gears of War placed a considerable Microsoft presence in the burgeoning eSports scene (and one that's paid dividends years later as eSports exploded onto the mainstream).Even with the failure of Kinect (or Project Natal as it was for so many years), Xbox 360 still feels like a triumph. You can still add a splash of personality to your generic smartphone with the right case, and, as screens have grown bigger, so has the importance of a protective layer. But there is another class of case, and that's iPhone sheaths that bring something new to the party, enhancing a feature or delivering new functionality.
It may be chunky and ugly, but it will safeguard your iPhone from the elements, and from bumps and drops. First and foremost it scores an IP68 rating, which means it can be submerged in water up to three meters deep for up to an hour without sustaining any damage. It offers solid drop protection too, so falls of up to two meters, (even onto concrete) are nothing to worry about.
The cases start at A?35 ($50), but the beauty of the system is that you can snag a mounting plate and use the lens with your existing case if you want to. Surround sound is a matter of taste a€“ it's not essential (and on many films it's pure novelty) a€“ and if you happen to have a couple of old bookshelf speakers lying around, you can create a perfectly respectable stereo setup using something like the Lepai TA2020+ ($15, A?10, AU$20) ultra-low-cost mini amplifier. Measuring just 140 x 40 x 120mm, weighing barely 300g and designed for cars and boats, its 2 x 20W channels are nevertheless vastly superior to a TV's audio output in a small room. Take, for example, the D-Link AC3200 Ultra Wi-Fi router ($280, A?200, AU$376), which is designed to cope with 4K video streaming, gaming and use by umpteen smartphones and tablets. Though the Roku 3 ($99, A?80, AU$133) does the same job (without the 4K) for far, far less money, the savvy choice of streamer for those on a budget is Google's Chromecast 2 ($35, A?30, AU$180).
This curious circular disc attached to an HDMI cable gives you YouTube, Google Play Movies, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Sky Now TV, BT Sport and Blinkbox. But that's all back-room stuff; it's all controlled via a deliciously fluid user interface in app form, for any tablet. For the more budget-minded who are merely after some remote reduction, the new One For All Smart Control URC 7980 ($37, A?40, AU$76) is a universal remote with a claimed 30-second set-up and sequenced control; hit 'movie' and it will switch on the relevant gear from up to eight devices, and begin playing.
So here's one we love; the Monitor Audio Silver RX ($925, A?650, AU$1,245 for the bookshelf speakers). A mid-priced mix-and-match range of speakers, the British audio brand presents everything from compact bookshelf to floor standers, centres, rears and a subwoofer, in all kinds of finishes.
They're smart, simple and deliver stunning performance, although a setup can obviously end up costing a few quid. Want a one-box solution that's far less dominating in the living room, and less of a strain on the wallet? Try the Mission M3 ($639, A?449, AU$859), a 5.1 package whose tiny M-Cube satellite speakers are a uniform 90 x 90 x 88mm size, but backed up by a 200W subwoofer with a digital amplifier inside.

Buy the Monitor Audio Silver RX Buy the Mission M3SoundbarJudged on sound quality, top prize here goes to the Yamaha YSP-5600 ($2,269, A?1,595, AU$3,050), which contains an awesome 44 individual speakers and a brace of subwoofers that create 7.1-channel surround sound customised to the exact dimensions of a room.
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay and Yamaha's own MusicCast steaming app come as extras on this, the only soundbar to support Dolby Atmos.
It calls itself a 'universal' player, but this five-kilo monster is a belter with Blu-ray thanks to its Darbee Visual Presence video processing for upscaling Blu-ray to 4K quality. It's also got 7.1 analogue audio inputs, which are rare indeed on any regular Blu-ray player, and it even copes with audiophile-grade SACD and DVD-Audio discs. What the CXU lacks in streaming niceties is addressed by the bargain Panasonic DMP-BDT370 ($325, A?229, AU$199), which delivers Netflix, Amazon Instant and 4K upscaling a€“ and even 3D support a€“ within a great Firefox OS interface.
Buy the Cambridge Audio CXU Buy the Panasonic DMP-BDT370Projector screenThe motorised, drop-down screen is a favourite in living rooms, but more important in a living room home cinema is a projector screen that can be used in daylight. Cue the Screen Innovations Black Diamond Zero Edge (from $4,270, A?3,000, AU$5,740), which uses a special fabric that repels 85% of a room's ambient light a€“ eliminating the need for a blackout every time you want to watch something. If you've a big white wall and don't want the clutter or expense of a screen, Screen Goo (from $142, A?100, AU$192) might suit. It therefore gets rid of the shadows that you always get from projecting onto a wall, and increases the brightness of the image, although it is dark grey, and works best with black border tape (which increases your eyes' perception of contrast).
And like many other Air fans, I realised that another year was to pass by without Apple's best laptop getting an upgrade. With more pixels than the Air, its display allows me to be more productive on the move and slinging it into a backpack almost feels like cheating. While no powerhouse (editing 4K images on it is slightly painful), it handles basic tasks with ease.One year later, Apple has refreshed the MacBook with Intel's sixth-generation Skylake processors while introducing faster storage, memory and graphics for the same price. The most interesting change is on the outside: a new Rose Gold finish that genuinely makes me consider owning a shiny pink laptop for the first time. Gender stereotypes be damned.But despite its upgrades, the new MacBook is not the MacBook Air replacement that rumors once again predict will arrive this summer - it's the same unique, dazzling and challenging laptop as the one that launched one year ago. Only faster, and with longer-lasting battery life.A new processor, coupled with faster internal storage, memory and graphics has brought tangible improvements to the MacBook's performance. You'll still have to somehow manage with a single USB-C port, bolting on adapters and connectors to equip your FrankenMac with vital extra limbs.And if you didn't get on with its super-shallow keyboard, your fingers will remain as unconvinced as they were before - especially during long typing sessions. Other Windows machines are quickly catching up the design stakes - check out HP's Spectre 13 for evidence of that. In its teardown of the device, iFixit discovered that they use new hinge screws featuring heads filled with a substance that disintegrates when a screwdriver is used on them. These could be used to indicate to Apple that you've tampered with the machine, which may have a knock-on effect when it comes to solving warranty-related issues, though this is yet to be confirmed.Bundled softwarePlus, Apple's Mac App Store has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, proving an excellent resource with frequent recommendations on apps in multiple categories, such as Games, Productivity, Writing, Navigation and more. There's another advantage: you can scale it up to get more desktop space and go far beyond Apple's default scaled resolutions.
By adding a custom resolution, I managed to soar all the way up to 1,920 x 1,080 in High-DPI mode using SwitchResX, which allowed me to see the same amount of spreadsheet rows and columns as a 27-inch monitor. Sure the text was tiny, but I could still make out the numbers and edit the spreadsheet without any trouble.I might not be doing it all the time, but compared to my old setup, which was an 11-inch MacBook Air connected to a portable USB DisplayLink monitor, I now have enough desktop real-estate to switch to see more on the screen at the same time.
Better yet, its new Rose Gold option is gorgeous.We likedNow that there's more horsepower under the MacBook's bonnet, you won't have to tweak OS X El Capitan's settings to get hold of a smooth experience. That doesn't mean you're suddenly going to be swapping your MacBook Pro for one to undergo heavy computing lifting.Apple didn't tweak the MacBook's chassis because it didn't need to.
It still can't be matched even by its Windows-based counterparts, though I wouldn't be confident of saying that six months down the line. Its color-packed display is as vibrant as it was on the previous model, and you just try finding a 12- or 13-inch laptop with better speakers. It's a near-impossible task.We dislikedThat single USB-C port remains the biggest problem with the 12-inch MacBook. It's simply too much of a compromise to use it as your main machine, and even if you're on the move you're forced to make a decision between connecting a peripheral or charging a device if you don't have a dongle to hand.
It would have been nice to have seen a price drop too, if only because it feels like the MacBook should have come with sufficient power to deliver a smooth experience in the first place. The question is a little more complex with the possibility of new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models arriving at WWDC. One way of thinking of it is that neither are likely to be as thin and portable - it would take a near-impossible engineering feat for that to happen. On the other hand, if you're happy to wait for a machine with more power, hanging on may be the way to go.If you do decide that Apple's mini marvel for you, buying this year's MacBook is less of a risk than getting the previous version. With faster internals, it's capable of zipping through lesser-demanding tasks without complaining and leaves you with more confidence when slinging it into a bag to take on the road.

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