A screen is a piece of decorative furniture often placed in predominant areas of a room for partitioning, adornment, wind shielding and coordination effect. There are a variety of screen types, the main ones being vertical screens and foldable screens. The value of screens lies not only in its own craftsmanship, but also in the cultural richness of the paintings and poems created on the screens. In recent years, the cultural beauty of classical furniture including screens is being re-recognized and screens have become an essential part of classical Chinese furniture. Hanging screen as a special decorative article hung on the hall walls has a long history in China.

A screen was made of wooden frames mounted with crimson silk bearing battle axe patterns, serving as a symbol of the emperor’s power.
After a long process of development, screens were no longer for the exclusive use of the emperor and began to enter ordinary households, becoming an important element for interior decoration. Legend has it that Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty wrote his governing principles on screens to spur himself on. The most famous work containing screen images is the masterpiece painting of HanXizai's Night Feast.
In ancient times, the screens in the residences of nobles and aristocrats were made with fine materials and superb craftsmanship.

In ancient times, people would paint the images of emperors and generals with great achievements or respected virtuous women on screens to praise their behavior and educate people. A wide array of subjects can be presented in screen paintings, including mountains, rivers, human images, flowers, birds as well as calligraphy works etc. And precious materials like ivory, jade, enamel, jadeite, gold and silver were used in tessellated work.

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