After spending almost 15 years in the corporate, sales and marketing area of the hospitality industry, Mike Lenhart decided to pursue his passion for visual creativity and make a jump to graphic design and visual communications. Many people go to the college or university of their choice to get their education in their chosen field.
I went back to school about fifteen years after I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and International Business. It was a little intimidating at first, but, at least I had the experience of classes and text books from my previous five years of this. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself interested in other, extra-curricular classes and may even take some classes for the fun of it. You've worked hard and spent years getting good at what you do, but what happens when your work no longer works for you?
How often do we look at enterprising people like Richard Branson or Bill Gates and assume that they were immediately successful?
Social media job sites have completely revolutionised a ‘job search’ leaving job seekers who are not technologically minded at a great disadvantage. Looking for employment is a full time job in itself and treat it like so because it is only through continuous application that you will eventually be successful. A job fair presents an excellent opportunity to evaluate the current market, to meet employers and industry experts as well as recruitment agencies; you are expanding your network and learning vital industry information thus creating your own ‘job hunting strategy’. The majority of job hunters under-estimate how useful their network of contacts can be, but as with anything in life whether you are an athlete in training or a student looking for your first job the more you put in, the more you will get out, ‘no pain no gain’. The competition for employment on job boards is cut-throat, there are thousands of applicants and companies have quite a task filtering through copious applications, so how do you turn a job board to your advantage?

An internship can be the starting point of a graduate’s career and we cannot emphasise enough how important they are in today’s job market because although a graduate may be academically convincing they will obviously lack practical work experience. As life becomes more demanding and hectic it is evidently more difficult to find a new job. Fortunately prospects for graduates are steadily improving and are currently at their best since the beginning of the financial crisis, regardless of the fact that competition for jobs remains intense.
By definition a career is a persistent delivery of services that reinforce our values and beliefs about our abilities and aspirations.
But, whether trained in a specific specialist area or endeavor on the job market in a less conservative or conventional way, our views of self and others could account  for career success or failure altogether. Please leave comments over at the Fernando Tarnogol blog and while you’re there, feel free to subscribe for all sorts of great posts on working and living more effectively.
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Founder and Principal of ML Designs, a freelance-based and outsourced graphic design company and also Founder and Director of Creative Core, a graphic design collaborative, Mike can now use his business and marketing acumen in solving design problems for his clients.
A lot of these folks choose their main career the first time while going through the system of higher education. I wanted to make a career change, some would call a lateral move, and get a degree in graphic communications.

Changing jobs late in your working life can be a challenge, but sometimes it's a challenge worth facing. Any amount donated is helpful and goes a long way towards ensuring the future of this website. He also likes to write about the interesting, unusual, and sometimes irritating happenings in the graphic design world.
I had been doing the marketing and advertising duty for many years and wanted to get on the other side of the creative fence.
If you have experience in writing and meeting deadlines, this will be your chance to shine. Believe it or not, you are better equipped to land your dream job than you ever were, and changing careers can be an opportunity for advancement if you approach it wisely.
I look forward to hearing from you, so please leave your message, suggestions and ideas in the comments section below.
I was surprised at the range of ages of the other students in my classes and those walking around the campus. There seemed to be a lot of folks out there who wanted to make a change, or get that degree or certificate that couldn’t be obtained before.

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