Whether you’re just starting your wedding planning, you’re in your last two weeks before the wedding, or you just finished the big celebration, you have begun to think about changing your last name.
When planning your wedding, you get to choose the lovely guests you would like beside you on your big day. Your first step in the name-changing process starts with the big things: driver’s license, social security card, passport, credit cards, etc. Once you have begun filing documents and updating accounts, you will then start to be referred to by your new family name. Although the process itself of changing your name may not be very exciting, knowing that you are finally married to and officially the Misses of your hubby is an incredible and warm feeling that will bring you two even closer together.
Recent studies have shown that the number of women taking their husbands' last name after marriage is on the rise. In partnership with The Daily Beast, Facebook looked at the names of 14 million married females, ranging in age from 20 to 79 who are currently active on Facebook and married in the United States, according to a report on The Daily Beast Thursday. Even more women in their their 40s, 50s, and 60s changed their names -- 68 percent, 75 percent and 80 percent, respectively. The study did not account for women who changed their names on Facebook but not legally, and vice versa. A longitudinal study published in 2009 found a decline in women keeping their maiden names, starting in the 1990s. Of all respondents surveyed, 61 percent said a woman should take her husband's last name after marriage. Women who have established a professional career using their maiden name may choose to continue using that name; this is perfectly acceptable and legal in 49 states.

This is a common adjustment that many couples choose to make, however there are some parts of the process that are less obvious than others that you may not know about. Some of the steps will be quick and easy, while others may be more tedious and time consuming. The process you went through to have that be the case took a significant amount of effort and time on your part, so it seems almost ironic that it might feel strange at first to hear people refer to you by a new name. Make sure to consider all of the steps to changing your last name after the wedding, both big and small. A new survey of Facebook users hints at just how many women are choosing to give up their maiden names. Facebook determined that of that group, 65 percent of women in their 20s and 30s changed their names. In a recent survey by HuffPost Weddings and YouGov, 61 percent of people surveyed said that women should take their husbands' name. Hawaii, the exception, requires that a woman declare her married name when signing the marriage license.Using Both Names!
Most services you use, from the bank to your phone provider and everyone in between, will require seeing your marriage certificate before making official changes to your accounts.
You may find yourself reliving your big day through your wedding album before you have everything sorted.
With mismatched information, you may face situations in which people question why, for instance, the name on your credit card isn’t the same as your driver’s license.
Of course, you love your partner and are prepared for the journey of married life, but still, it will take time to get completely used to.

It is possible for a woman to use her maiden name at work and career related functions, yet legally take her husband’s surname. A good way to prepare for this ahead of time is by ordering several official copies from the state or at least making photocopies of the original.
You can explain to the cashier (or whoever) that you are a newlywed or even show him or her your marriage certificate that you are sure to have on you!
For instance, you don’t want to lose all those frequent flyer miles you could use to book a flight to a great honeymoon destination! The other option is to use the husband’s name for social and family purposes, and legally keep her maiden name.Hyphenating Your Name! You may want to keep a copy on you when you leave the house to run errands or even when you plan on using your credit cards.
You also want to make sure to contact the post office, voter registration board, insurance companies, utilities and your landlord. One way to prepare for a successful and (relatively) quick journey is by having all of the necessary important documents with you at hand throughout each step of the way.

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