One of the decisions you have to make if you’re getting married is if you’re going to change your name to represent your new union.
Whatever the impetus behind the name change may be, it’s important to realize that a legal name change carries with it some important responsibilities. The process for getting a replacement Social Security card isn’t necessarily a difficult one. Of course, you may also need more documentation than just your application form and your marriage certificate.
Of course, not every trip to the Social Security office may be for a positive life event like getting married. The good news is that the process for replacing a lost or missing card is nearly identical to receiving a new card with an updated name after marriage. There’s further good news as well: like a name change for marriage, there’s no cost for a replacement card. I did change my name when I got married, and it wasn’t as hard as I thought to do so.
Goes to show there is a lot of responsibility with getting married…and you detailed a good example of one of the many things that needs to be taken seriously. Some very interesting and helpful facts to know about social security cards in the US and how to get one replaced or to get a name changed. While Social Security numbers are used for many things (tax returns, applying for loans, etc.) you will rarely if ever need a copy of your actual Social Security card.
I’ve been married twice (two and through, I always say!) and changed my Social Security account name once. North Dallas GazetteThe North Dallas Gazette provides information and African American community news and events. Facebook recently used their user statistics to publish a study Examining How Married Women Keep or Change Their Names On Facebook , which explores married name change trends within several age categories. Name change after marriage should be an easy to-do after brides make their decision, but the process is wrought with paperwork and laws that vary from state to state.
David’s Bridal has been a long-standing leader in the wedding gown industry and is now expanding to provide everything a bride needs for her wedding, including help with her name change. Updating your email address to reflect your new married name is the easiest step of all, but unfortunately the laundry list of other changes is much more time-consuming. If you've considered everything and still want to change your name, then make the process less painless by following our New-Bride's Guide to Changing Her Name. My husband and I both changed our names to something new, but still meaningful to us and our families. You should also put info up about how the man can change his last name as well, my husband took my last name. I kept my name at work because it was easier - I always have ongoing projects and it would have been confusing to change, plus it made the adjustment easier to have one area of my life where I didn't change. Though I did take my husband's name, I put a lot of thought into it and I encourage anyone else to do the same.
In response to katie 225 and ladytron7000: I would say this is a tradition that still DOES mean something (otherwise why do so many men get pissy if you don't want to take their name), but I choose to believe that you can be an independent women (or a strong woman or a feminist or however you want to put it) and share a name with your husband. Just a heads up: my browser had difficulty saving this file, because it has a forward slash after the .pdf, which implies that we're browsing to a directory!

Without disclosing my last name here, it has eight letters in it, and six of them are vowels, including 2 "i's" and 3 "a's!" So you can see why I'm so anxious to change my name. Tejo, maybe I just had it really really easy - that totally sucks about spending all day at SS!! One other tip for others in the process - fill the forms out online ahead of time - it saved me a lot of time as well! Usually my blog has a 7 theme running through it, but today I thought I would break away from this and share something different with you.
And she will avoid the hassle of changing her name on her passport, driving license, and her bank account. I suppose there are other options – such as using both names and having a double-barrelled hyphenated surname. I must admit I didn’t even give this name thing a thought when I got married last year, but if I was to be completely honest,  I think I would have to say I do miss my name – after all I’d had it for a long time. Enter your email address below to get weekly tips and tricks to help you plan your wedding.
I havent changed my name yet *hides face* Im a lawyer my professional identity is tied into it so Im trying to change it piece by piece.
While traditionally this meant that the wife would adopt her husband’s name, this isn’t something that’s necessarily relegated to just one spouse; in fact, many modern married couples may choose to hyphenate their last name to represent the union of two families into one. The most important of these is undoubtedly updating your name with the Social Security Administration – and making sure that you get a new, updated Social Security card with your new last name. While you can’t apply for a new or replacement card online – which means you’ll need to take your marriage certificate with your new last name to your local Social Security office either in person or through the mail. If you lose your social security card, if it’s destroyed somehow, or if you are divorcing your spouse and wish to return to the last name you had prior to marriage, it’s highly recommended that you get a replacement Social Security card – even if you have your Social Security Number memorized. In fact, it actually requires less paperwork, as all you need to do is to fill out the application form and provide proof of your identity and US citizenship – no further documentation like a marriage certificate is needed, though if you want a replacement card after the dissolution of a marriage you will need your finalized divorce decree. However, you are limited to three replacement cards in a year and a total of 10 replacement cards over the course of your lifetime for lost or misplaced cards. Brides have so many things to think about and juggle, it’s nice to know that this to-do isn’t so hard! Definitely a great idea to keep it safe as you don’t need it every day but you do want to know where it is in situations you need to present it.
In the same vein, Yahoo Shine just published an article on the topic: Retro Marriage Trend Makes a Comeback . But I go by three names in daily life - Jane Smith at work, Jane Smith Doe at home - so anyone who knows me in one arena can tell who I am in the other.
You are just as married if you have different last names (or if he takes your name, or if one or both of you hyphenates, or if you both take a new name, or whatever).
I did all of mine in one day - I started at Social Security, then went to the DMV, then the bank.
Please follow this to a T as I had problems with my tax refund this year due to the lack of coordination between the SSA and the IRS. During lunch, my friend Amanda, who is getting married later this year, casually remarked that she has decided to break from tradition, and will not be taking her husband’s name after they are married. She assured us it’s not anything to do with feminism or sexism, but as she teaches young children, keeping her own name will be easier.

She also feels that carrying on the family name is important, not only to her parents, but to her ancestors and that taking your husband’s name is almost like losing your identity (try telling that to your mother-in-law).
Are you going to take your new husband’s name, or are you planning to stick with your own name?
I love change + I loved the sound of my husbands last name…if possible I would like to change my name maybe every 20 years. This, in addition to filling out a name change application form that can be easily downloaded and printed out, are the primary things you’ll need when it comes to requesting your new card. There are several documents that the SSA will accept as proof, such as a passport or a birth certificate for proof of citizenship and a state-issued driver’s license or non-driver’s ID card to verify identity. Replacement cards associated with marriages, divorces, or other legal name changes don’t count towards this limit, which means that you should be covered for any eventuality.
Recently I looked for months and couldn’t find it so I thought I was going to have to get another, but thankfully, I found it. What really scares me about Social Security cards is how older people will carry them around in their wallets as a form of identification. Stars like Jennifer Aniston and Kanye West are adding fuel to the media buzz as they consider changing their names after tying the knot.
You'll find that some areas require more attention and paperwork than others, but keep in mind that you only need to (hopefully) do this once!
I still haven't changed my passport (I don't have any foreign trips in the offing) and I haven't gotten around to changing all my credit cards.
Changing it reflects the historical practice of transferring the duty of taking care of a woman from her father to her husband. I did finally get my refund but it was like 3 months later and had spent about a million hours on the phone and the SSA office.
And what about any children you may have together in the future – whose name will they take?
Doing it this way may take longer, but the process is free – making it a small price to pay to get your new card. Once you have provided the SSA with everything they need to verify your identity, your US citizenship, and proof of your legal name change, you will be provided a new Social Security card through the mail.
Busy brides and helpful wedding guests can purchase these cards for $29.95, and know that they have successfully saved countless hours of hassle for the recipient.
Those who criticize others don't realize there's a convenience factor that justifies changing one's name. I still think that the excitement of taking your new last name would make it worth it though, especially if youre one of those girls like me who doodles my name with my boyfriend's last name on it constantly.
I'm over the moon and feeling so blessed to be able to share my life with the one I truly love. You can chose to take your husbands last name,  hyphenate your name,  use his last name as your middle name, or just keep your last maiden name.

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