Many of the freedoms we take for granted today weren't enjoyed by generations before us, believe it or not.
We asked our Facebook fans to chime in on the things that were taboo when they were growing up. While we can all agree that nowadays, a visible panty line is a major fashion faux pas, it was considered inappropriate for your bra straps to peek out from underneath your shirt. Except for the Sadie Hawkins dance, guys who were shy, and the ladies who loved them were out of luck when it came to asking for a date. With higher divorce rates and a high cost of living, many couples nowadays are happy living together without the formality of a marriage. Some of our readers recalled how they weren't even allowed to wear pants in high school in the 1960s! Yes, skirts and dresses are pretty, but we're quite certain you can still be unladylike while wearing one. People still have their opinions on getting inked, whether for religious or cultural reasons or whatnot, but the stigma associated with having tatts just isn't what it used to be. Plus, with so many successful people and household names talking openly about their sexuality, from professional sports, to music, to Hollywood, it's clear that even if not everyone is accepting, we're at least open to talking about it much more so than before. It may sound like something on the back of a yuppie's bumper sticker, Achenbaum joked, but boomers have moved beyond self-absorption to understand the duality of living in today's increasingly global world.
If you still come up empty, now is the time to quickly react as if someone stole your driver’s license. A lost driver’s license is one thing, but a lost wallet can mean a whole new world of hurt.
If you aren’t already a member of an Identity Theft Protection Company, it’s never too late to inquire. Typically, credit-monitoring services have a waiting period before enrolling you as a member. Depending on when your current driver’s license expires, you might have the option to renew your driver’s license versus applying for a duplicate. I acknowledge that is a privately-owned Web site that is not owned or operated by any state government agency. For FAQs or to contact us directly for an answer within 5 business days, please check out our Visitor Support page. is a privately owned website that is not owned or operated by any state government agency. Since we are based in Chicago, Illinois, the information provided here will be more specific to our county, but the Social Secuirty process for changing your name is the same nationally. In Cook County, when you apply for your marriage LICENSE you will need to put your legal name as it is now, how it appears on your drivers license or other legal ID. On your wedding day, with a Cook County marriage license, your ceremony officiant will be the only person who will to fill out and sign anything on the license. We recommend ordering at least 3 certified copies if just one of you are changing your name, and at least 5 if you both are changing names.

When you have received your certified copies of your marriage certificate, the next step is going to Social Security.
Here are some helpful links to the Social Security website where you will find information about what documents you will need in addition to your marriage certificate, and how to apply at your local social security office. The specific application form you need to fill out is the SS-5 - you can download it online from the above link. When you have your SS-5 application filled out, an original copy of your marriage certificate to give to Social Security to keep, and other proof of identification (specified on their web site above), then you will be ready to go to your local Social Security office to apply for a "corrected" social security card. After you receive your new Social Security Card, then you can go to the DMV for your new drivers license, apply for new passport, and change any other forms of identification that you had before getting married.
If you need more certified copies, you can always order more copies of your marriage certificate at any time from Cook County Vital Records.
Nor is it odd to see women in their bras -- sports bras while out jogging, or bandeau bras under low cut tops, or heck, we've seen plenty a Hollywood starlet get caught under the lights going bra-less.
Rumor has it that the dance or day -- which all started with a comic strip, believe it or not -- was declared so that unmarried women with little or no prospects could have a shot at avoiding a life of spinsterhood. OK, granted this is still shunned by some communities, religions, and families, you probably won't see many pregnant unmarried women walking around with a scarlet letter emblazoned on their clothing. In fact, according to a National Health Statistics report, around three in four women have lived with a male partner by the time they're 30. Years ago you had no choice but to happily take your new husband's name, replacing your old identity, as a token of your new role and relationship. Some Huffington Post readers revealed a variety of reasons for not following tradition, from the difficulty of changing something that's been your identity since you were born, to the way their maiden names sound, to the professional hassle of a change. Thanks to telemarketers and the death of landlines, it's no longer considered a huge no-no to call someone late. Just last year a 200-year-old law preventing women in Paris from wearing trousers was finally revoked. But with several states legalizing same-sex marriage , it seems the tides are changing in terms of attitudes and open-mindedness towards freedom of sexuality.
This helps prove to credit card companies, banks, and even law enforcement that recent activity such as fraudulent charges on your credit card or bank account or illegal misconduct was the work of identity thieves. Small details that don’t seem like a big deal now could turn out to be valuable info later. Companies such as LifeLock take an aggressive and proactive approach to protecting your identity before you’ve lost your driver’s license or wallet. If you dropped the ball this time around, don’t put yourself at further risk down the road. The State might flag your license number in case another driver gets pulled over by law enforcement and presents your driver’s license as his own. Cash might not pose a problem—unless of course you also lost your debit and credit cards, too. It could be a creditor or collection agency calling to collect on an account that ID thieves fraudulently created.

She's covered crime beats (which made her cry), endurance sports (well, OK, that made her cry, too), arts and entertainment, pop culture, dining, health and wellness, you name it. After you are married, you will order copies of the marriage CERTIFICATE, which will also show your name as it is now.
When your insurance, job, or other places ask for a copy of your marriage certificate be sure to ask them if they specifically need a CERTIFIED copy, or if just a photo copy will be okay.
Because perhaps it just wasn't ladylike for any Tom, Dick, or Harry to see your alluring underthings meant for your spouse's eyes only. Thankfully, despite many self-help books that will tell you otherwise, there's nothing wrong with a confident woman nowadays making the first move or voicing her interest.
Avoiding the name change was considered taboo -- perhaps because it was seen as a slap in the face to your newly beloved or a sign of resisting your new family. Danger arises when they get caught engaging in illegal activity and present your driver’s license as their own to law enforcement.
Often times a clerk will only suggest that you immediately apply for a duplicate, but it doesn’t hurt to ask about a database the DMV shares with the police. First, obtain a copy of your driving record to determine the current status of your driver’s license and check when it expires. She's also written for various food publications and another rag called The Onion that has very little do with edible goodness. However, your name actually does not legally get changed on your marriage license or certificate, no matter where you live in the United States.Your name change legally happens through the federal Social Security Administration. Or guys, be grateful that it's totally cool for a girl to give you a call if she's interested. A 2013 survey revealed that as many as 65 percent of women marrying in their 20s and 30s follow this tradition still. It’s also a good idea to check your driving record periodically to ensure someone isn’t getting traffic tickets and racking up points under your name. Citations mean added points on your driving record and a potential increase in your auto insurance rates. When she's not running mountain trails, holding a handstand while listening to Survivor's Eye of the Tiger, or chasing a smaller being around the front yard, Jen is sitting at the edge of her kitchen chair tapping away about the riveting automotive world.
We know that 50 is the new 30, or 40, or whatever you'd like to call it, and you should be proud of how many years young (not old) you are. When they woke up in the morning, they couldn't remember getting the tattoo," recalled reader Pinsey Christensen.
You might be able to use your driving record as proof of valid licensure until you renew or replace your lost license.

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