Learn to meditate in your own home and at your own pace with our easy to follow course in meditation.
Our short meditations are just 10-15 minutes long - perfect for people on the go and so easy to slip into your busy schedule. Inspiring spiritual meditations for people who are passionate about evolving spiritually, connecting to their higher self and living life from the heart.
Guided meditation for healing is one of the most peaceful, effortless way to bring your body and mind into a state of perfect health and harmony. These relaxing chakra meditations will help you cleanse, restore and balance all the energy centers in your body.

Meditation for personal growth is a great way to tap into your inner power, overcome limitations, find inner peace and live the life you deserve. Progressive muscle relaxation is one of the best ways to release stress and tension from your physical body.
Our guided angel meditations will help you to connect with your own personal spirit guides.
Guided meditations written by Christians for Christians who wish to deepen their connection with God.
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It's awful stuff, but it can be diminished and even eliminated through meditation and visualization techniques. The audio productions on this site are for personal use only and may not be redistributed or republished without written permission.

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