One of the areas many of us need to work on as we are coaching basketball is the fact that we tend to be a bit long winded. When as a coach explaining training concepts to the group or giving an athlete feedback, sometimes we forget that they are not quite as excited or interested in the topic as We are. So when instructing athletes on a particular concept or skill, as well as in giving an athlete feedback, you should be able to get your point across in 2 Minutes or less. If it takes longer than that, you are not doing a good job in explaining it and your athletes are going to stop paying attention and just stare at you blankly until you quit talking. Let’s say you are going to begin teaching the  critically important concepts of the 2 on 1 fast break drill-both offensively and defensively.
The next time you go back to the 2 on 1 drill give 2 minutes of instruction giving the defensive player the concepts you want to stop the offense. By giving your athletes easily digestible pieces of information, followed by a related activity, your athletes will stay interested in what you have to say and learn the concepts and skills they need to continue to improve.

This page will have basketball court blank diagram, reviews of books, videos, or software which Ken recommends as part of every basketball coach's library. Basketball Coach's Corner never recommends something not helpful to a basketball coach; but here is a great tool to add to your coaching arsenal. A basketball service providing tips to coaching & teaching the game of basketball to the youth of the world. In this E-book, Coach Ronn presents proven techniques for teaching youth players how to rebound. Through the use of pictures and diagrams, everything Coach Ronn writes about is fully illustrated for the reader. Order Now and you can upload these rebounding techniques and be using them in practice tomorrow!
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The concept and series of related drills that reinforce the idea can’t be explained and taught in 2 minutes. If judged to be appropriate and useful for basketball coaches, or players, at any level, our recommendation will appear here. Nothing is left to the imagination, as he takes you step-by-step through the teaching process. Use no explanation for the defense and what they are to do except try to not let the offense score.

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