To coach K-12 school-sponsored athletics in Iowa, you must be certified and 18 years or older.
Licensed Iowa teachers can add a coaching endorsement to their teaching license by taking the required coursework for college credit or our coaching certification option. Certificate Programs Get the most up-to-date and in-depth skills and information you need to excel in your chosen field. Catalog Check out our latest Continuing Education catalog for a complete listing of all our offerings.

During the five-year span of your authorization, you need to participate in five renewal activities. To receive certification applicants must submit transcripts to the state and pass a background check with fingerprinting before earning certification. These renewal activities must be sponsored or offered by an accredited college or university, Area Education Agency, professional athletic association, the Iowa High School Athletic Association or the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union.
Fingerprinting is offered during class, otherwise, please contact your local law enforcement agency to find out if and when they offer fingerprinting services to the public.

Classes are offered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and the other centers throughout the seven-county area.

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