Activity instructor jobs (also referred to as multi activity instructors), are often based at a purpose built centre. Activity instructor training courses equip you with the skills and experience to enter the workplace as a qualified activity instructor.
Our wonderful coastline and appetite for water based adventure sports has created a big demand for qualified instructors in surfing, water skiing, sailing and windsurfing.
Inspirational Olympians and Britain's prominence in the sport of triathlon in recent years have resulted in a huge increase in interest, both in people wishing to take part in the three disciplines, and in those looking to coach the new influx of newcomers. Mountain Biking is a hugely popular sport and the level of interest has not showed any signs of slowing since the initial boom in the early 1990s. The Duke of Edinburgh scheme is well known to most people, but how many know about the expedition element of the award which requires small groups to make their way, unaided, across wild terrain, for up to four days and three nights of wild camping?
In the latest of our career guides, we take a detailed look at rock climbing, hill walking and mountaineering. One of the enduring strategies spoken of highly within the HR community is the need to create coaching cultures within business.
The benefits to individual development, staff retention, company cohesion and productivity can be large, but how does it work in practice, and how can you tell if you’ve got it right? A well-crafted coaching programme, either internally run or with the help of outside experts, can be an invaluable tool for organisations and individuals alike. Even though it sounds good as a generalised concept, it is crucial that any coaching programme be specifically developed for your individual business needs. Any successful coaching strategy should use the company’s business plan as its foundation, judging the benefits and required resources of coaching within the context of the existing and future business model.
If your coaching strategy is anchored in specific business targets then it has a much higher chance of measurable success, and of reaping the more general benefits that occur in a supportive coaching culture. One of the secrets to great coaching is getting the match between coach and coachee exactly right. Another important element to remember is that all levels of seniority must get involved if you are going to make the successful transition towards a coaching culture. As with any corporate change, initiating a programme of coaching may create something of a culture shock within your organisation.
The right strategy of implementation should make allowances for this, and ensure that the transitional learning curve is not too steep and the initial expectations not too demanding.
The philosophy of coaching is nothing if it’s not adhered to, or pursued in a short-term fashion.
If your coaching programme is closely allied with your mid to long-term business plan, then this should allow the cultural shift enough time to take root and become a success.

The real benchmarks of a successful coaching strategy within your business are only tangible if you set realistic and measurable criteria and feedback mechanisms from the start. You should also build in a responsive feedback mechanism to allow both coaches and coachees to comment on the stages of the process, and its effects on their own development. A successful coaching strategy has many rewards, and has a tendency to inform many different aspects of how your business views itself, its individual and collective development, and even the HR function itself.
It’s important to keep the coaching culture dynamic, using any feedback gained as a basis for developing further coaching programmes, and keeping the spirit of individual and collective development at the very heart of your business. GRUR - Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz und Urheberrecht a) GRUR alleineb) mit GRUR Int.c) mit GRUR Int. Bitte beachten Sie folgenden Hinweis:Wenn Rechnung und Lieferung an getrennte Orte zu senden sind, so entsteht zusatzlich eine Direktbeorderungsgebuhr, deren Hohe sich aus der Anzahl der im Berechnungszeitraum zu liefernden Hefte ergibt. The ultimate outdoor job, you may specialise in a couple of activities, or you may be trained to cover a wide range.
The following watersport centres offer a range of professional training courses covering many types of water sports from the RYA and BCU. British Triathlon is the national governing body, with further divisions for England, Wales and Scotland.
With so many people getting involved, it is hardly surprising to find instructor opportunities available for those people wishing to get involved beyond the purely personal level.
To make sure each group successfully completes their expedition, we enter the secret world of the assessors - the people who shadow the candidates, often unseen, as they trek through the wilderness. Although it is quite possible to teach climbing without any recognised qualifications, with some aspirational and high quality courses on offer, it is no surprise that if you do want to get anywhere, most companies will insist you take part in the Mountain Training scheme. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) found that 80% of companies surveyed used coaching techniques as part of their people development programmes. It feeds morale, encourages cross fertilisation of ideas, and stimulates business development through close relationships between staff members. Good coaching is one to one, targeted at resolving specific areas and skills deficiencies, and is aimed at improving performance in an honest and secure environment.
If your business plan sets targets for growth in particular areas, and you do not feel that you have the skills or experience base to achieve these objectives for example, then your focus on coaching can begin in these areas. One of the more obvious mistakes that can be made is to match people based on their personality types, rather than their complimentary skillsets. Coaching is all about development at all levels, so don’t be afraid to include Directors in your plans, as they too will benefit.
This can be quite challenging to manage, mainly because individuals themselves will be challenged to come out of their comfort zone and interact with their peers in a completely new fashion.

For a cultural change to become embedded in a company’s practices, it must be viewed as a long term investment in your people, and cutting a programme short will inevitably send out the wrong messages to your employees. If your goals are to improve an overall skills deficiency in the company, for example presentation skills then you should plan in a method to review the achievements against that goal. This will create an inclusive aspect to the process, encourage buy-in, and allow you to measure results more effectively.
You may find yourself changing your recruitment strategy to encompass the selection of future employees not only on the basis of their skills offered to the specific role, but also on the array of transferable skills that they can offer the coaching culture itself. This book may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc.
In this article we give you a background to the sport, and talk about how to get involved in coaching at local club level and at national level. Read our interview with Georgina and find out how you too can add expedition assessor to your outdoor instructor profile.
Whether you stick with the entry level Single Pitch and Climbing Wall awards, or take it all the way to the Mountaineering Instructor Certificate is up to you. Often it can be rewarding, although sometimes challenging, to match individuals with contrasting personalities, forcing both parties to extend beyond their traditional comfort zone. All participants could have a presentation day, where they get to show off their new abilities and critique each other in a safe, non-judgemental way. Once these results are verified, make sure that you communicate the benefits back to the participants.
This article will tell you all about training courses and the types of jobs they could lead to.
We believe this work is culturally important, and despite the imperfections, have elected to bring it back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works worldwide. We look at everything you need to consider, and speak to some industry insiders for a low-down on each qualification. We appreciate your understanding of the imperfections in the preservation process, and hope you enjoy this valuable book.

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